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Handpicked Pin no. 9: The alternative Christmas Tree


Each week we will feature a pin that has stopped us in our tracks. On a festive note we love the alternative Christmas Tree by Michael Johansson. We want one at home. Do you?

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Architects create Dolls’ Houses


Above: Coffey Architects

Some of the worlds best-known architects have been let loose to design Dolls’ Houses, fulfilling most architects’ fantasies to build a house free from planning restrictions, structural considerations and budgets.

The houses have been designed the A Dolls’ House Project, curated by Cathedral Group in aid of children’s charity KIDS. Continue Reading…

Russian doll furniture by Twentytree


Twentytree Design has created this nesting set of wooden storage cases that all fit within the largest cabinet.

The collection is called Matryoshka – the official name for Russian nesting dolls – and this sums up the concept behind the design. Continue Reading…

Dinosaur cake stands from Seletti

Sauria - Seletti

The new Sauria cake stands from Seletti is the perfect blend of practicality and humour. Continue Reading…

Froc high chair


Slovenian Brand, Froc has created this simple and clever high chair that adapts as your child grows from six months to ten years old. Continue Reading…

DAM’s tables have built in personality


Designers Hugo Silva and Joana Santos set up DAM after graduating in Design from the University of Aveiro.

Playful and humorous, narrative designs combine the duos’ passions for everyday objects and graphic design, integrated with elements of traditional Portuguese techniques. Continue Reading…

Beach Ball Lampshades inject fun into summer


The UK has been suffering from a rare natural phenomenon – summer. The hot weather has left us here at Despoke in a summery mood and we think these Beach Ball lampshades from TOBYhouse are perfect for enjoying that summer feeling all year round.  Continue Reading…

Inflatable Stonehenge by Jeremy Deller

Sacrilege_by Jeremy Deller

Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller is relocating Stonehenge to East London.  Continue Reading…

Desktructure Desktop City Organiser

Desktructure - Seletti

The Warehouse, the Ship and the City are the names of these porcelain desk organisers from Seletti. Continue Reading…

Cardboard Animals

los 1 copy

We really like these playful pen organisers designed by Polish designer Jolanta Grzebska. The cardboard animals simply slot together and are designed to be easily recycled.

konik2 copy

We would love to have one of these on our desks to colour in!



Above: Super Gerald by Supermundane

Over 100 artists have taken part in an exhibition in New York as a part of an ambitious collaborative sculpture project featuring Gerald, a paper dog. Continue Reading…

The Family and Wingtail ceramic pots

Camilla Engdahl - Yellow W copy

It’s Good Friday and a the start of a four day weekend. If that isn’t enough to cheer you up then take a look at these these fun and colourful ceramics are designed by Camilla Engdahl, who makes all of her pieces by hand in Sweden. Continue Reading…

Hands on Ceramics by Krasznai


We love these whimsical, fun and slightly creepy ceramics by Spanish brand KrasznaiContinue Reading…

Farmyard Furniture

Furniture inspired by packing crates isn’t a first for designers, but the whimsical animal-crate association by Italian Furniture Brand, Seletti must be a first. Continue Reading…

Time Wasting on a Wednesday

Google is Celebrating Frank Zomboni’s birthday today. In honour of the man who created the self-propelled ice-resurfacing machine, Continue Reading…

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