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LEGO brings fantastical moments to life

Ogilvy & mather, has devised two fantastical campaigns for LEGO, using the plastic bricks to bring some incredible moments to life. using 3D illustration and some wild imagination, at the centre of each is LEGO’s ultimate purpose to inspire and develop children to think creatively.

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Kids Paradise

Roll Up, Roll Up, the Eggnogg Colour-in Caravan is Coming to Town! Now, where was this creative dream during my childhood?

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Mother’s Day Treat

Mother’s Day is one of the most important days of the year and it is a time to show your mum your love and appreciation, to fill the house with flowers and to treat her to a truly special occasion.

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Danish Dream

Contemporary Danish furniture brand, BoConcept introduces its comprehensive range of rugs, ceramics, cushions, artwork, throws and more stunning final touches for every room and we can’t get enough of it!

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Happy + Co

Taking inspiration from their travels, Happy + Co are a new interiors brand that looks at things a little differently. As well as making sure that their pieces are that little bit different, for each product they sell, 10% of profits are invested into the Happy + Co Farm in Cambodia. Nice.

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Raj Tent Club Christmas Treats

The Raj Tent Club which, as well as doing what it says on the tin, also has an array of gorgeous middle Eastern, Indian, in fact global inspired treats, has some great gifts and decorations ready for you know what. (Begins with C ends in hristmas.) It still feels too early to be seriously you-know-what shopping, but it’s always good to browse right? here’s some of our fave pieces.
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Cardboard Animals

los 1 copy

We really like these playful pen organisers designed by Polish designer Jolanta Grzebska. The cardboard animals simply slot together and are designed to be easily recycled.

konik2 copy

We would love to have one of these on our desks to colour in!

Top Picks: Big Head

We saw the j-me stand at the entrance to Top Drawer when we visited on Monday. They had a fun selection of quirky and practical gifts, our favourite of which Continue Reading…

Eco DIY Pets

The fun and environmentally conscious Eco DIY Collection, by Eduardo Alessi, features five products in the shape of different endangered species.

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Creative Trust Welcome You To Their Cardboard Abode

Whilst wandering the aisles at 100% Design we stumbled across an intriguing little hut; a seaside themed wendy house if you will. This playful stand at D96 showcases the talents of the team at Creative Trust, an innovative company based in Kent who provide quirky design solutions to fit any brief.

The Creative Trust team includes graphic & product designers, illustrators, movie makers, photographers and 3D model makers – all of whom are on hand to bring even the most hair-brained of ideas to life.

Their stand at this years 100% design is a cute little house made entirely of cardboard and completely illustrated by hand. The interior  is jam packed with a quirky array of cardboard furniture, from cardboard frames and chairs, to a full size working cardboard piano. This enchanting little abode is an undeniably impressive achievement and certainly proves the Creative Trust’s claim; “We like to think there’s nothing we can’t produce or illustrate on.”

In recognition of this feat, the stand was awarded the coveted Blueprint prize for Best Exhibition Design at this year’s show.

Creative Trust

We Love Cubit® now available in The UK.


Easy-fun and cheap what more could you want ? Sturdy,Cool, well made? YES !!!

Cubit® launches in the UK Cubit® is a patented modular storage system. It is simple, functional, easy to install and incredibly cheap. Cubit® comes in 21 sizes, all of which can interlock or be used alone. You can buy one or 1001. Cubit® storage is ideal for awkward areas (like under the stairs) or for making a bold storage
statement using an entire wall. Cubit® is a high quality German concept. (and a lot cheaper than a Mercedes)
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The Woogie


Woogie Griffin teams up with Iceberg Kids on an iPhone case designed for snuggling.
Parents tired of telling their children that their iPod or iPhone is “not a toy” (when even the toddler knows the truth) should take a look at this $20 plushy accessory. Part protective case, part interactive children’s toy, the Woogie is a sort of “Tickle Me iPhone” that converts devices into virtually indestructible playmates.

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Friday fun how to make your car very cute: Via:[DesignMilk]

VIDEO: Vinyl Cube from Chairman Ting

Title: Vinyl Cube by Chairman Ting + Tangible Interaction from Chairman Ting on Vimeo.

This particular Vinyl Cube was created by Chairman Ting. Vinyl Cube is a simple but versatile design object that allows artists to paint and or draw on it’s smooth vinyl surface to create their own custom Vinyl Cube.
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Win your own Gerald from Lazerian

Despoke friend LAZERIAN are making their Dog/Mascot Gerald work hard over the summer he’s going to be busy in the coming months! Various artists and illustrators are going to be redesigning him!! Then there will be a Gerald exhibition of all the illustrated dogs which will tour galleries and venues around the world. The illustrated Geralds will be produced in limited numbers and be available to buy from selected outlets. To celebrate the tour, Lazerian are going to be giving away a DIY Gerald every Friday until September 2010.
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