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On our Christmas list…

We have done our darn best to get the ultimate Christmas list together. A list just for you. No one else. A list for other people to have, to give presents to YOU. Glad we cleared that up. Have a gander.


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A celebratory digital portrait of a much loved East Londoner

Hoxton Press are at it again with the brilliant project.  By a group of East London creative businesses, the immersive piece celebrates the life of Joseph Markovic, a man who left London just once in his life, to go to seaside with his mum.
86 and a half years

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The Book of Do-ness

We have had Mindfulness and now we have Do-ness. we actually prefer this as Mindfulness, although great and definitely important, started to get just a teensy bit ubiquitous.
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Art Is Everywhere

Is it possible to discover something wonderful and special without visiting museums, monuments, or other places? Art is Everywhere, How to Really Look at Things asks the reader to take a more careful look at the everyday world.


Although in part for kids and young creative minds, this book really can and should be read by all. Through ingenious collages and montages, the author looks at our expectations and how we experience art.

art is everywhere

The author SerraGlia is the alias of Lorenzo Servi, an Italian architect and visual designer/artist based in Helsinki, Finland. In 2012, SerraGlia started to focus on how to make contemporary art more accessible to everyone by founding the Imagined Museum of Contemporary Art.


For more information and to buy, click here.

BIS Publishers

We have discovered BIS Publishers, an Amsterdam- based publishing house who have a great online shop. Below are a few little inspiring reads and ideas.

create with artists, bookThe programme ‘Create with Artists’ offers the most inspiring workshops the Stedelijk Museum of contemporary art in Amsterdam has organized for young people over the past decade. Now you can get inspired and boost your creativity with tips from some of the world’s top artists and designers like Viktor&Rolf, Marlene Dumas, Rop van Mierlo, and Rineke Dijkstra.

seema sharma,Seema Sharma’s notebook and sketchbook “Write Nothing in Here’, is full of prompts, assignments, fun facts and quotes from the world of science, arts and philosophy to get you creative and thinking about your own unique ideas and creations. You’ll find out once you get the hang of it, that focusing on nothing really helps to create new ideas.

van boven

This food notebook has handy information on measures and conversions, food names in different languages, a seasonal calendar, and more. However, most pages only feature light illustrations so that you can fill them with your recipes, lists, tips, and memories- makes it so much more personal and a real heirloom.

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Bookcases from Poltrona Frau

We’re pretty mad on books at Despoke. Living in a small London flat however, means our books are in piles around the bed- making perfect small tables for glasses of wine and water. If we did find ourselves with a massive abode suddenly thrust upon us, we’re pretty sure we would want something like Poltrona Frau’s Albero.

poltrona frau

After the huge success of the re-release of the freestanding Albero bookcase, a little-known yet very fascinating and masterful piece created by Gianfranco Frattini in the late 1950s, Poltrona Frau is launching the Albero Limited Edition in olive wood.


Who can spot the mini armchair? Given the English weather’s preference for rain, this might not be so practical, but when we finally own an olive grove, this will be making an appearance….


From the same parent company comes the gorgeous Drop bookcase- almost Scandi in its minimalism, but with the Italian fun found in the precarious cube on top. Nendo-designed, he used his native Japan as a colour-way- the grey of the brooks and the pink of the cherry blossom.


For more information on both styles, head here for Cappellini and here for Poltrona Frau.


Drawing by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec


Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have collaborated with an incredibly diverse range of companies and manufacturers, from Issey Miyake to Magis, but their latest project offers insight to the men behind the Kvadrat Curtain. Continue Reading…

RIBA Bookshops Competition closing date September 15th 2010

Are friends at RIBA Bookshops are giving away a another fantastic bundle of books on interiors and design. Including the much anticipated BIID Interior Designers Job Book

For a chance to win please answer the question below:

Which practice has reworked the interior of the Swiss Church in London’s Covent Garden, London?
Email your answer to by September 15th 2010. A winner will be drawn at random

Books in the prize draw are

The BIID Interior Design Job Book
Stephen Yakeley and Diana Yakeley

The BIID Interior Design Job Book is the first book to set out the professional standard for running an interior design project. Suitable for all interior designers – whether working alone or as part of a design team, and on projects of all sizes – it provides guidance for every stage of a job, from appraisal of the client’s requirements through to practical completion and payment.

Set out as a step-by-step process which dovetails with the standard procedures used by architects and contractors, it is full of practical advice and includes model letters and specimen forms which can be quickly adapted to any job in question. It also contains guidance to the legal background, a clause-by-clause explanation of the standard form of client contract, as well as an introduction to space planning. Fully endorsed by the British Institute of Interior Design, the Job Book will bring a professional rigour to the way projects run and is vital for achieving a professional edge in a competitive field.
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Part ONE: Phil Nutley and Chris Inkpen Interview Patrick Cramsie author of The Story of Graphic Design

Cover of The Story of Graphic Design

Patrick Cramsie’s book entitled The Story of Graphic Design, is a must for those working in the creative industries. It blends both detailed historical references and showcases our modern interpretations of font, some no less than a decade old, but in our ‘i-Everything’ world, the images slip by, and are forgotten way too easily. This thorough book brings to life a broad range of graphic thought from the invention of writing to the birth of digital design. Our interview will be uploaded in two parts, with a new set of images from the book added each day, to wet your appetite and accompany the article.

Corridor’s Phil Nutley and Chris Inkpen caught up with Patrick and asked him a few questions for Despoke.
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Coming Soon: The BIID Interior Design Job Book

Coming Soon: The BIID Interior Design Job Book
The BIID Interior Design Job Book is the first book to set out the professional standard for running an interior design project. Suitable for all interior designers – whether working alone or as part of a design team, and on projects of all sizes – it provides guidance for every stage of a job, from appraisal of the client’s requirements through to practical completion and payment.
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Books British Design MOMA

Great Britain was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and the epicentre of the development of modern industrial design. This book explores this legacy, tracing the growth of British design from the 18th century to the Millennium Dome and beyond. It explores the Arts and Crafts Movement, and British designers’ take on the digital devices.
MOMA / Paperback / 145 pages / June 2010 / Code 71483 / ISBN: 978 8 87439 539 2

Book Choice:Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture

Shipping containers are modular, affordable, and virtually indestructible. More and more often they are being used to build temporary structures such as pavilions, offices, galleries, and bars that can be easily moved if necessary. This phenomenon has a name: container architecture.
Container Atlas presents a wide range of contemporary projects along with an in-depth investigation into the background and evolution of this topical field.
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Book Review Thomas Feichtner: Edge to Edge. Experimental Design Peter Noever

Thomas Feichtner (b. 1970) is an Austrian designer who, after considerable successes in the field of industrial design (ski bindings, ball-point pens, fire extinguishers), has recently begun to turn heads again with his unusual approach to design. His new work in the area of furniture and object design is positioned midway between industry and handicrafts, mass production and one-of-a-kinds. This monograph uses sketches, preliminary models, and prototypes to provide a detailed presentation of his experimental working methods. With texts by Peter Noever, Bernhard E. Bürdek, Shonquis Moreno, Lilli Hollein, and Michael Hausenblas. – Feichtner lives and works in Linz; since October 2009, he has held a design chair at the Muthesius Kunsthochschule (Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design) in Kiel.
Birkhauser / Paperback / 263 pages / May 2010 / Code 71720 / ISBN 978 3 03460 342 3
Click here to buy the book from RIBA Bookshops.

Books: The Furniture of Carlo Mollino- Fulvio Ferrari and Napoleone Ferrari

The book presents Carl Mollino’s complete furniture and interior design for the first time and represents the most comprehensive record today of this part of Mollino’s production. Realized in collaboration with the Museo Casa Mollino and written by the museum’s curators Napoleone Ferrari and Fulvio Ferrari, this extensive and original monograph emphasizes the contemporary significance of Mollino’s groundbreaking oeuvre.
Code 71877 | Paperback | 240 pages | £24.95

Dictionary of Ecodesign: An Illustrated Reference Ken Yeang and Lillian Woo


The first guide to the terminology of sustainable design. Written by an internationally renowned expert in the field, this illustrated dictionary provides over 1500 definitions and explanations of ecodesign terms.
March 2010 | Code 68919 | Routledge | 294 pages | Hardback | £40.00
Click here to browse through the RIBA Bookshops website.

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