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The Sacred Geometry of Chance Art Installation by acrylicize

The Sacred Geometry of Chance’ 3010 x Hand Made Black Dice Acrylic / Aluminium Frame
JB 2011

3010 dice, each rolled individually creating a sea of seemingly random patterns.
This piece represents the entrepreneurial spirit of life and taking risks – crucial for any business to succeed at the highest level. The idea was everyone has a chance to ‘roll the dice’ in life is embraced by the process in which this piece has been made.

Each set of dice was rolled by different people spanning many different backgrounds. It is the outcome of these rolls which dictated the arrangement of the dice, illustrating that while some may win and some may loose, the chance is there for everyone to take.





Piet side tables by Hugo Passos







Hugo Passos is a Portuguese born, London based designer who works for english design furniture company SCP and before that, as a design assistant at Fredrikson Stallard where he worked on their projects for The Swarovski Crystal Palace, Bernhardt Design, Droog Design, David Gill Galleries, etc. Hugo also exhibited at the 2006 Salone Satellite in Milan and London Design Festival 2011.

He has created the Piet side table, featuring an asymmetrical leg structure in solid walnut with contrasting colored tops in matt lacquer. Available in four colorway, black, red, yellow and blue, the tables display other fine details like the exposed joinery between base and top, which was designed as a key feature.

Cloud Installation at colette Paris by Pernilla+Asif.


colette this Christmas has commissioned Pernilla & Asif to create a unique miniature version of their Cloud installation previously exhibited at Design Miami / Basel, for the Designers of the Future 2011 Award and later on a giant scale at the boxing venue, York Hall in east London in November 2011.

During the darkest three weeks of the year, every minute one hundred baby clouds will be released within two specially designed vitrines, each combining a cocktail of water, soap and helium gas.

Like colette, always going against the grain and the expected, the flurry of micro-clouds will be like an upside-down snowfall.

‘I first discovered the work of Pernilla & Asif with the so poetic Harvest chair, then I saw the foam clouds they did for DesignMiami, and the very recent sand/ice installation in Singapore. I’m so proud they agreed to do our Christmas Windows with their magical clouds. It will certainly remain one of the most impressive windows in our history and we hope Colette will not fly in the air like a balloon with all the helium we’ll keep!’ – Sarah (Colette)

The special window installation at colette runs from Dec 12-31, 2011. Download a video of the installation here.
PERNILLA & ASIF are currently working on a pavilion commissioned by Coca Cola for the Olympics in London 2012.

Lighting Collection by Naama Hofman

A lighting collection by Naama Hofman just a simple fluorescent bulb and a near transparent holder ? But it’s not. It’s not a fluorescent bulb, it’s an acrylic tube containing 180 energy saving LEDs. The combination saves energy and throws off a lot of light. The collection consists of four light objects. In each light the acrylic tube/ “bulb” crosses and divides the glass in different manner, says Hofman, “thus creating a different character with each composition, using the same materials.”

Naama Hofma






Mickey Mouse Bulb Concept Hong-Kue Lee


Simply called the Mickey Mouse Bulb Concept, designed by Hong-Kue Lee can’t wait till it starts production:YankoDesign


Kitty Meow by Studio Mango


Cat bed by Paul Hendrikx of Studio Mango. Called Kitty Meow, the product was designed for PetsInn Shanghai. It’s made of PE plastics and can be used inside or out. Cats can crawl inside but can also sleep on top of the head. Kitty Meow is available in a large range of colours distributed worldwide.



Modern Rubber Ducky


This modern rubber ducky was designed by Hlynur Atlason for Kontextür. His name is Harry.
Definitely a potential purchase for people who have everything.


Airdrop by Edward Linnacre


A lo-tech air harvester aims to alleviate the effect of drought on agriculture
Dependent on regional agriculture for sustenance and economic security, rural communities are often the hardest hit by droughts. Following a twelve-year spell in southeastern Australia’s Murray Darling basin, Edward Linnacre saw the need for a lo-tech solution to maintain agriculture in particularly arid climates. The Swinburne University of Technology student created the Airdrop, an “air harvester” that collects and distributes critical moisture to crops during droughts, and earning him this year’s James Dyson Award.
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Ryan McGinness Calendar


In the age of smart phones, Ryan McGinness has created a calendar for the hands-on list maker. Keeping pen and pencil manufacturers alive one box calendar at a




NATIVE UNION “Play” Digital post-it


Designed by Fabien Nauroy, Play is the ultimate video-memo. Slimline and stylish, Play has a magnetized back so it can be mounted on a fridge or other metallic surfaces. It is also supplied with a magnetic wall-tape pad that can stick to any surface. Play has been designed and manufactured to the highest specification and includes a high quality video camera, a 2.4“ color screen, and a sophisticated 3 minute multiple message recording system. Messages are recorded with time and date. Suitable for all ages, this smart design allows full operation from 3 simple buttons. Available in many colours.


Ribbon Stool by Nick Rawcliffe for Deadgood


The Ribbon Stool by Nick Rawcliffe of Raw Studio for Deadgood.
The form of the stool is reminiscent of a charity awareness ribbon. Raw Studio sculpted the stool cast from aluminum and then worked with a local plastics company to have it manufactured of recyclable plastic. Ribbon will be launched with the endorsement of major charitable foundations who will receive a donation from the profits of each unit sold. It can also be created in any color to match a charitable cause.



Framed by Breg Hanssen



image courtesy of vij5

Netherlands based designer Breg Hanssen has created ‘framed’ for Dutch label, vij5.
utilizing panels of newspaperwood the cabinet adopts a distinctive and indeterminable appearance that integrates material exploration with an industrial aesthetic.

A rigid metal frame, finished in bright blue, contrasts the recycled paper slabs,
emphasizing the unique color and the small text that is visible between each layer.
with characteristics similar to that of hardwood, the cabinet is both strong and durable,
with a surface that varies from piece to piece and ages over time.

Around Coffee Table by Thomas Bentez


Around an addition to the Muuto furniture collection, is a minimal yet durable coffee table In two sizes and a multitude of finishes, they work great as a single piece or in groups of two, three or more. via:[Yanko Design]

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Water bobble by Karim Rashid


The popular Water Bobble bottle has given birth to a new sibling – the Bobble Jug. The jug, designed by Karim Rashid who also designed the original Bobble, can be used for home filtration and holds up to 64oz of water. Just like Bobble, it filters chlorine and organic contaminants, as well as copper, lead, mercury and cadmium, among others. Via:Design Milk

Dent Cube by Inax


Dent Cube, new from Inax, is a three-dimensional porcelain stoneware cladding that can be used indoors or out to create a unique wall treatment with custom possibilities.

The collection, developed with the help of architect and designer Teruo Yasuda, includes tiles with special insets into which you can insert glass tiles of various colors (or moss!). Create your own pattern by placing the flat and dented tiles in specific places and use the colored glass inserts to customize it even more.

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