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Microsoft House of the Future

BBC News has just released this video offering a tour around Space of the Future at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

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Printing Buildings

Universe Architecture is trying to revolutionise the field of architecture. The Landscape house resembles a giant mobius strip Continue Reading…

Fashion in 3D

Grab a pair of 3D specs to the experience this surreal series of fashion photographs by Matjaž Tancic. Continue Reading…

Artists behind the Collider discuss the Art of Collaboration

Neil MussonJono Retallick are independent artists that came together for six distant weeks to create the first impression of 100% Design 2012.

Talking to an audience in the Eco, Design & Build Hub they spoke about the importance of collaboration, the beauty of art and large-scale projects.
Independently, Retallick – artist/sculptor and Musson – artist/lighting consultant, have significant experience in site-specific installations, often including light.

For the entrance piece at 100% they wanted to explore ‘connections’ in nature, in life and materials.  “Context is crucial with the connection of ideas”, explained Musson, “We used signage material out of context to create the sculpture, there had to be an element of trust in working together”.


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Fast Forward Design at 100% Futures

At the back of Earls Court 2 you will find a whole hub of stands dedicated to 100% Futures, an area of 100% Design introducing tomorrow’s talent to the world. There is a diverse range on work on display but one thing each exhibitor has in common is the potential to make it big, setting the standard for the designs of tomorrow. Edgy, exciting and bursting with innovative ideas, 100% Futures is a fantastic showcase of elite, emerging talents. We at Despoke couldn’t resist but sneak a peak into the crystal ball and dive into the heart of 100% Futures. Here’s what we found…

This fresh, bold rug by Grizz Design would certainly add a splash of colour to your front room. The design combines playful shapes like spilt paint or strips from a child’s collage, with more regimented pixelated patterns.

Surely this represents the furniture of the future; a re-chargable illuminated table by Clay Designs, only launched this week. The table is the company’s debut piece of ambience liberated furniture, aptly named ‘Squill’ – Square illumination. It is a sculptural, cable-free illuminated coffee table with a charge life of 12 hours which should outlast most social gatherings.

Uta Koloczek Porcelains

How could we resist photographing these cheeky chaps with their wide puppy dog eyes? Berlin based designer Uta Koloczek has created a gang of colourful Chihuahuas and pugs, redefining the classic idea of the porcelain figurine.

Tuttotondo to show at 100percent Design 2011

Tuttotondo is a brand new venture, which will be presenting its first collection at 100%Futures during 100%Design 2011.
Designed in Italy, all products in the collection display unique features that make them stand out.

The Octopus series (see above)of decorative methacrylate lamps comprises; hanging, table, and wall led luminaires.
Owing to the properties of the material, when the lamps are switched on they become almost invisible, while light appears as floating dots,creating intriguing light effects.
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Neil Mac Queen Answers Despokes Questions

Diviso Stool 6
What made you want to become a designer in the first place?
It has been a natural progression for me, I was alwyas drawing as a kid, and later I realised that I could make my drawings and imagination come to life by being a designer. Another major attraction is its individuality and opportunity for expression.

Where did you study design?
I studied ‘Product Design and Innovation’ at UWE in Bristol, they have a great setup there and its a great city.
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Scene at 100% design new products Drop and Polylights

DROP_8_1 Polylights_1

Scene will be exhibiting their new products at 100% design on Stand L105
here’s a quick glimpse of two of their new products

Scene at 100% Design 2010

Scene show their entire collection of designs together with two new product launches.
The show will feature Scene’s latest products, ‘Time shelves’ and ‘Doris nesting tables’ along with their new look, kid’s height measuring coat hooks, ‘Hook Ups’ which will be available to buy from September. Scene will also be launching their ‘Drop candle holders’ along with a new lighting product.
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Floris Wubben answers Despoke Questions

living light

What made you want to become a designer in the first place?
I never became a designer; I was born one. During primary school I was always dreaming during class hours and building stuff at home.

Where did you study design?
I studied design in Belgium. This country had been my choice because I wanted to have an international education. The education I started was at the Interior Design school called ´Faydherbe Academy´. Apart from this education I also studied in Germany.
During my education of Interior design, they were also teaching the discipline of Furniture design. After a while I began to like that more than Interior design.
This is why I completed a second bachelor in ´Furniture design at the Faydherbe Academy.
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Il Hoon Roh answers Despokes Questions

What made you want to become a designer in the first place?
A few years ago one of my old tutors said that I would probably became a designer because I played with Lego blocks a lot as a child and he himself went into architecture because he enjoyed playing with the Mecano toys so much as a child.

I actually thought about this for a while and it is not a bad assumption. I think it is true that those toys helped me learn a lot of essential skills: how to imagine things; how to solve problems; how to realise the things in my head and most importantly, playing with Lego blocks taught me that nothing around us is never perfect, I can always make improvements to my Lego creations. And also, I never liked to follow the manuals.
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Daniel-Emma Answer Despokes Questions

What made you want to become a designer in the first place?

Where did you study design?
University of South Australia

What was the first thing you designed?
D: One man hallway cricket

E: adventure parks (made from toilet rolls) for my pet rats

How do you define good design?
“just nice”

meaning: you like it when you see it, and there isn’t a over-embellished story to convince you to.

What would you be if not a designer?
D: Professional Sportsman (most probably play for the Chicago Bulls)

E: Librarian
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100% Futures preview Lucy Turner Answers Despoke’s Questions

pinapple sideboard
Lucy Turner has received national critical acclaim. The Telegraph considers her amongst the elite cabinet makers currently working in the UK. Exciting and distinctive Lucy utilises the latest technologies and materials in the creation of her bespoke contemporary furniture. Her unique process is transferable across the spectrum of interior design.

What made you become a designer?
I just followed a path where I could make things all the time. I still make things

Where did you study design?
University of Plymouth – Exeter campus

What was the first thing you designed?
A bit embarrassing but when I was very young I had a fascination with making cardboard telephones, loads of them, all different styles and colours. Weird I know.
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The New Designers 100% Design Award Winner: James Michael Shaw Answers Despokes Questions

Image:photos by Ed Reeve
What made you want to become a designer in the first place?
I have a need to create and bring objects into the world.

Where did you study design?
I studied at Falmouth and Kingston Universities.

What was the first thing you designed?
When I was a child I used to spend hours and hours drawing impossible houses and cars, I wanted to be an architect. Then when I was about ten I designed a desk that my father had made specially, it was terrible, much too high.
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Jemma Westing Answers Despoke’s questions

chimera contrastemail
What made you want to become a designer in the first place?

I studied Graphic Design at GCSE and A Level and it was simply the subject that I got on with-purely because I felt that my contributions were useful–I thought that studying the subject in more depth, could allow me to develop my design skills and apply them in a commercial context. I chose to study Illustration at University College Falmouth because I thought that it would give me the space to develop my skills and would place me in a good position to get work afterwards. It did both those things for me and I’m eternally grateful to the whole Falmouth team!

Where did you study design?
I studied Illustration at University College Falmouth
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