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Light Therapy Café Brightens Dark Winter Months

Iglo light café offers light therapy as a cure to sun deprived Stockholmers throughout the dark months of October to March. Using the same technology as hospitals, Iglo provides an informal atmosphere and a place for friends to meet. The coffee shop dresses the visitors in white and is lit by UV-free lighting in the strength of 3000 lux. People relax in the warm environment, sipping on smoothies and other healthy options while soaking up the artificial light. via (PSFK)
Iglo Light Cafe

Black and Blum’s stylish dish rack


Great design no longer stops at the kitchen sink with Black and Blum’s stylish new dish rack ‘High and Dry’. As well as being a gorgeous piece of sculpture for your kitchen, it is functional too – its wave of spikes can solve the tricky issue of drying wine glasses, even the most delicate champagne flutes, its makers Dan Black and Martin Blum promise.

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Transforming Retail Spaces


This multi-use space created by 6A architects where library stacks are used to display K-Swiss products. The flexibility of the stacks allows the spaced to convert from a retail space to an event space by expanding and collapsing the shelves. Via (PSFK)

6A Architects

Nina Tolstrup at Jaquline Rabun Gallery Through to October 16th

This September will see jewellery
designer Jacqueline Rabun open
her exquisite studio and showroom
in Grosvenor Crescent Mews, Belgravia to the London Design Festival and
100% Design. The space will exhibit
designs by Danish designer Nina
Tolstrup from Studiomama, who
Jacqueline has long admired. There
will also be six new collections from
Jacqueline on show.
Nina’s collection contains a series
of original pieces made from
reclaimed pallets. Pieces include
furniture, lighting and objects.
The process of making these pieces
is what distinguishes Nina’s designs.
A pallet is a generic thing found
anywhere in the world. Nina designs each piece of furniture, but the
assembly guidelines are then sold
online. Then a final piece of furniture is made anywhere in the world
using locally sourced and reclaimed pallets. This is a sustainable,
collaborative and meaningful approach to design that by passes costly and
unsound supply chains.
“I admire Nina’s unique approach to
design, we share a desire to achieve simplicity and purity in our work.
Her creations come from the soul and she never compromises she does
exactly what she wants to do.
I admire this attitude and that is what we have in common,” says Jacqueline.
A further dimension to Nina is her
commitment to philanthropy. Studiomama
has given Cecilia Glik, a photographer and charity worker based in
Buenos Aires, Argentina the rights to
manufacture the pallet chair in a
workshop in Lugano. This is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.
Inside the slum there is a collective
workshop, which are now producing
the pallet chair. “Nina has given
the community the right to produce
and sell her pallet furniture which
provides an income for them. I respect this idea very much”, adds Jacqueline.
During 100% Design an auction
will take place of personalized pallet
chairs by famous British artists.
Nina’s furniture will also be made
to order from Jacqueline Rabun’s
gallery using pallets from London,
and there will be a new range of
do-it-yourself guidelines
downloadable from Studiomama’s
Jacqueline Rabun first began designing fine jewellery in 1989 in her native
America; she has been dedicated
to creating innovative ideas
that inspire and contribute to the
international design world.
Her fluid and sculptural forms
are recognized by the cognoscenti
the world over, be it pieces
designed for Georg Jensen, or under
her own eponymous brand.
She extended her poetic approach
to creating fine jewellery and design objects to the unique Gallery
she opened in the heart of Belgravia
in a converted stable.

medium_low pallet sid low res

Designer Jacqueline Rabun open her exquisite studio and showroom in Grosvenor Crescent Mews.

The space will exhibit designs by Danish designer Nina Tolstrup from Studiomama, who Jacqueline has long admired. There will also be six new collections from Jacqueline on show.

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Last chance to see iittala glass exhibition

Pokaali glassware by Kaj Franck, part of the Into The Woods exhibition

Pokaali glassware by Kaj Franck, part of the Into The Woods exhibition

Love glassware? Love Scandinavian design? Then don’t miss this exhibition of work which focuses on the iittala company. Entitled “Into the Woods” the show is curated by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen and considers the work of such design luminaries as Alvar Aalto, Kaj Franck and Tapio Wirkkala among others, drawing on iittala’s vast archives. The result is a journey of discovery through the decades and given the penchant for retro styling in the 90s and 00s, it’s interesting to see that certain designs associated with those periods in fact date back far further. The exhibition is being held at Chelsea Space, near to Tate Britain and runs until 17 October.

iittala company

Remembering Jan Kaplicky Architect Of The Future through to November 1st

DesignMuseum (1)

Remembering Jan kaplický – architect of the future Earth Center, conference and education center, Doncaster, competition winner, 1995 Photo: Timothy Davey

Jan Kaplický, who died earlier this year, was the Czech architect responsible for some of the most remarkable buildings that Britain has ever seen. Lord’s cricket ground holds the press box he built with his former partner, Amanda Levete – it was their first major project and won the Stirling Prize.

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Branch Out by Studiomama for TENXYZ


London designer Nina Tolstrup of Studio Mama presented a collection of furniture made from digitally-altered branches with TEN XYZ at 100% Design in London last month.

Called Branch Out, the project involved scanning the branches with a 3D scanner before maniuplating them with software and rapid-prototyping the resulting forms.

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Anti Wi-Fi Paint


Researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan have created a special paint which can block out wireless signals. The paint, which could cost as little at £10 per kilogram, contains an aluminium-iron oxide which resonates at the same frequency as wi-fi – or other radio waves – meaning the airborne data is absorbed and blocked. While paints blocking lower frequencies have been available for some time, this new technology is the first to absorb frequencies transmitting as high as 100GHz (gigahertz). Signals carrying a larger amount of data – such as wireless internet – travel at a higher frequency than, for example, FM radio.

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Sascha Bischoff: 0909 stools

Sascha Biscoff

London based designer Sascha Bischoff just finished his new seating project. the 0909 stools are made from oak, and are stackable – catering for the client’s need to save space.

Sascha Bischoff

Gal Tevet from Opus DV answers some Questions


Gal you are involved in many creative areas particularly as an Architect, Designer and Musician how did this happen?
I guess the three planes have been present since childhood, and evolved in parallel along the years until joining into one ouvre (an Opus) during my mature professional activity. I think the big challenge is to create a real awareness in the act of design, be it in an architectural context or in a musical one. My activity in music had begun in childhood, and allowed me to evolve into a jazz pianist by the age of 17 till now. Architecture begun in Architecture school, which I graduated from in 1993. Design, I believe, is an in-between activity, an overall one which I have been doing all along (composing music, planning spaces, translating and joining entities). Furniture design bagan later, as part of my architectural projects, and 5 years ago when I founded OpusDV.

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The Blank of Ideas at 100% Design London conceived and curated by Corridor.

question-rsaThe phone call suggested we take a last minute free space at 100% Design on the main boulevard. It was a tempting offer, but what shall we do with the space, and in less than three weeks?

The 100% Design show attracts over 35,000 people annually, so the thought of trying to harness the creative thinking and energy that passes through the space, was the ambition.

Entitled The Blank of Ideas, we invited several leading industry experts from design backgrounds, to put forward socially provocative questions. We would turn the negative space into a social thinking hub.

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Wood Drop 14 by Skram


It’s a hunk of tree. Look closer. It’s still a hunk of tree, but that’s the point. The Wood Drop 14 stool by North Carolina-based Skram basks in all its imperfect glory, its naturally occurring cracks and flaws turned into valuable assets simply through their presentation.

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Wooden Owls from Matt Pugh

Matt Pugh
Matt Pugh’s wooden owls are adorably irresistible! Available in oak or walnut and a variety of colors, they certainly demonstrate the power of simplicity done right. Definitely worth adding to the potential gift list.  See a few more gorgeous wood pieces at: Matt Pugh Design

Via (NotCot)

martin szekely: heroic shelves & simple boxes from November 7th

boxes01table basse image © fabrice gousset, courtesy galerie kreo

galerie kreo, paris november 7th to december 19th, 2009

the upcoming show at galerie kreo ‘heroic shelves & simple boxes’, is a collection of furniture by martin szekely. the pieces are tables, cabinets and shelves made from lightweight cork, but their forms have a weight and robustness.

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Recycled, Germ Killing Copper Sinks from Native Trails

Copper has amazing germ-killing properties,and now The Treehugger website points us to another use of the material.

Native Trails uses 100% recycled copper to make handmade sinks for kitchen, bathroom and commercial use. Besides looking good, these sinks have the added benefit of being able to kill 99% of bacteria within two hours. Via(PSFK)
Native Trails

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