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Kenguru Wheel Chair friendly Electric Car


Based out of texas, start-up company Community Cars has developed an affordable commuting option for users restricted to wheelchair access.
The ‘Kenguru’ is a single passenger electric vehicle that provides a range of 70-110 km (45-70 miles) taking approximately 8 hours to charge with a regular 110v outlet and a top speed of 45km/h (30 mph).
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Brad Pitt Unveils Frank Gehry Designed house.


Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, commissioned award-winning architect Frank Gehry to design a house for a community in most need of a home. The first of the homes was revealed last week, situated in New Orlean’s Lower 9th Ward. The neighborhood as the most affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005.

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Polly From JDD


Joint Design Direction will be showing their Polly Range this September at 100% .
Polly has an FSC plywood frame, and uses recycled as well as standard foam. Any fabric can be used but Joint Design Direction also offer wool, hemp, or nettle based fabrics.

A seating solution for a casual meeting, or a breakout chat.
Available as high, medium and low back. 2,3 & 4 seat options.


Have a picnic indoors with the grass covered table PicNYC


Design firm Haiko Cornelissen has created the perfect table to blend both the rural and urban landscapes together: PicNYC, a lightweight aluminum table covered in real, organic grass.
PicNYC allots enough table depth to serve as a planter bed for the grass, with soil and stones serving as foundations and drainage, respectively.


Kinkajou from Pat Lehoux


Kinkajou is a simple. safe, glass bottle cutter from designer Pat Lehoux. The cutter, named for a rainforest mammal with sharp teeth, makes it easy to remove the top half of empty bottles, giving you your very own tumblers, flower vases and pint glasses.
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Streetlamp Powered By Solar & Wind Energy Will Work Year Round


A student from the University of Seville in Spain has come up with the Holonic Streetlamp that not only relies on the sun for power, but also the wind. By harnessing the power from sunlight and wind, it would ensure that the streetlamp would run throughout the year, even during the dark days of winter.

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Floating Solar Pods from Michele Puzzolante

Michele Puzzolante’s Solar Floating Resort design is part luxury yacht/ part submarine self-sufficient energy generator has been designed to enhance front beach hotels or island resorts. The 20-meter long pod sleeps up to six people, with two single and two double bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. There is a large kitchen, dining area, lounge, pilot room, teak deck with sun loungers and Jacuzzi, and a fully submerged observation bulb with a thick glass enclosure that provides a 360 degree view.
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Self Powered Portable Suitcase from Mr Simo.

BoomCase is the work of Mr.Simo, a self-proclaimed audio nut, who creates this customizable ‘Self Powered Portable Suitcase,’ ie. a Boom Box. Depending on your specifications, Mr.Simo will build in an iPod/USB Charger, extra batteries, TV screens, solar chargers and custom paint your BoomCase. More Info and Images@PSFK

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Skyfarm from Manuel Dreesmann


Manuel Dreesmann’s inspiring design concept, Skyfarm, envisions hanging height-adjustable molded acrylic spheres above balconies to grow food at home without cluttering scarce outdoor space. It maximizes use of space in an attractive manner for those who would like a garden for growing their own food.

With the growth of cities the height of the buildings is rising. And so there are less gardening spaces but more balconies. So my idea is to use this minimal space on the balcony to grow your own food. But most of the balconies offer small space for gardening. The space on the floor is mostly needed for placing you chair and tables. But they offer a lot of unused space above your head. This is the space for the skyfarm!

There is a handle for you to pull the sphere up and down to adjust its height and you can write the name of the plant on it so you know what’s inside when it’s up in the air. See mores images at PSFK.

Damien Hirst builds New Eco Development in Devon


Damien Hirst, is turning his entrepeneurial expertise to property development. Yesterday he unveiled plans to build 500 eco homes overlooking the Bristol Channel. The 46 year old stated that he was “incredibly excited” about the Ilfracombe, Devon development, a project in which he hopes will create a national blueprint for environmental housing. Hirst is no stranger to business in the area, he already owns a restaurant, a studio used in the manufacture of his art and several other properties. The homes will feature wind turbines, photovoltaic solar panels and state-of-the-art insulation. The architects acting for his new company are ready to submit a planning applications by the summer with building work commencing early next year.

The announcement was made by architect Mike Rundell, at a planning meeting. Mr Rundell said: “I’m a representative of Damien Hirst. He owns 40 per cent of the land we are developing”. “He is a very successful artist and has very high ambitions for this project. He has a horror of building anonymous, lifeless buildings.”The houses would be built on land at Winsham Farm, just outside Ilfracombe, which Mr Hirst has made his home in recent years.

In 1996 Rundell worked with Damien Hirst to create Pharmacy – a restaurant in West London that won numerous design awards although it is now best known for the sale of its interiors in 2002 at Sotheby’s. In 1997 he founded Rundell Associates and started to concentrate on arts based projects that have included both residential work as well as art galleries and artist’s studios. In 2000 he worked with leading art dealer Jay Jopling to create White Cube, Hoxton, and in 2006 they opened a second White Cube in St James’s. This latter building was the first free standing new-build structure in the area for 50 years and has won several awards including the ECOLA (European Convention of Leading Architects) first prize in 2008.

Rundell Associates offers clients a uniquely personalised architecture and design service for projects of every size. Recent commissions have ranged from individual items of furniture to the masterplanning of a major new development in the West of England. Drawing on a wide range of backgrounds within the practice – where carpenters and stage designers work side by side with trained architects – we bring a fresh, practical and meticulously detailed approach to each project, taking time to understand the client’s expectations, the nature of the setting and the opportunities, constraints and possibilities presented by the brief. Rather than conforming to a ’house style’, each project is shaped through dialogue with the client, blending their aspirations and creativity with our own design philosophy; this collaborative process is an essential characteristic of their work.

Fundamental to their philosophy is that the designs should be simple enough to appear “inevitable” solutions to the client’s brief. Fashionable flourishes are resisted in favour of a timeless approach, where craftsmanship and painstaking design determine the final result. Details are carefully considered to ensure that the choice of materials, and their formal arrangement, properly complements their function. All projects share an atmosphere of precision and ingenuity, finding beauty in the elegance of design solutions rather than the purely decorative. We believe that this combination of creative collaboration, careful analysis and innovative thinking produces elegant buildings whose quality is evident. Via: [ArtLyst]

Uncomfortable Bottle by Junggi Sung

Uncomfortable Bottle by Junggi Sung

These bottle tops were created by Korean industrial designer Junggi Sung as part of a collection named ‘Positive Piece’. The collection aims to encourage viewers to think more deeply about the fundamental elements we take for granted in our daily lives such as air water, wind and earth.

The top of Sung’s ‘Uncomfortale Bottle’ imitates the shape of a conventional water tap and was designed in order to make people think more carefully about how they use tap water. Sung explains; “Recently, drinking water out of PET bottles has become the norm…yet we can still easily drink water out of the tap. This design aims to inspire us to be more cost and energy-efficient and also to take simple actions for our environment. This is a positive piece.”

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Design Reincarnated in The Re-Loved Lounge

One of the most popular hot spots at this year’s 100% Design exhibition has got to be the Re-Loved Lounge, a communal cafe space for guests to take a break from the busy exhibition trail. Far from simply being a dining area, the Re-Loved Lounge is an interactive exhibition space showcasing vibrant pieces of work by a selection of African and African-Caribbean designers.

The lounge was commissioned as part of the African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora, a festival of events taking place as part of London Design Week. The Festival is a celebration of diversity, highlighting creative talent within the African and African-Caribbean community in the UK. As Clemens Hackl, Creative Director at AACDD puts it; “There is such an incredible array of creative talent within the black community…Let’s see it!”

The Re-Loved Lounge is just one of several AACDD exhibitions on display over the course of the festival. The brief for the designers was to ‘re-love’ and ‘up-cycle’ discarded furniture, transforming it once again into desirable objects for the home. These recycled works take on African and African-Caribbean design inspiration in fabrics, colour schemes and accessories and in their resulting beauty, challenge the ethos of our throw-away consumer culture.

Rather than showcasing these pieces in the sterility of an exhibition stand where they would become spectator pieces, curators of the space were keen to put together an exhibition that allows guests to interact with the work, to touch, feel and utilise the pieces. Laurence Kanza, who’s own work makes up parts of the collection explained; “these pieces are vibrant and colourful and it makes sense that they should be part of a living space”. These ‘vibrant’ colours and patterns are reflective of the warm and joyful culture that inspired them, resulting in one of the most inviting areas of the exhibition.

Designers whose work makes up the Re-Love Lounge include Laurence Kanza (La Petite Congolaise) and Emamoke Ukeleghe, whose daringly colourful fabric designs make a bold and beautiful statement throughout the space. The large central banqueting table was created by Alexander Mulligan using recycled wood and the string of hanging lights above the table were made using recycled wine bottles, designed by Taslim Martin.

Above: “Rescuing The Supermodel” by artist Adjani Okpu-Egbe, on display in the Re-Loved Lounge.

Commuters’ surplus body heat used to warm office building

The energy consumers expend dancing can be used to power cellphones and even nightclubs, so why couldn’t the excess body heat of thousands of busy commuters be harnessed in a similar way? Jernhusen, a real estate company has devised a way to use just such an energy supply to warm an entire office building.
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Hilary Taymour Bike Bag for Colina Strada

Hillary Taymour a Brooklyn-based designer behind the brand Collina Strada, has produced this new handmade bike bag.
It is currently available at Free People and will also be available in NYC in February at Adeline Adeline bike shop in Tribeca.

VIDEO: Vitsoe obsolescence is a crime

Obsolescence is a crime from Vitsœ on Vimeo.

Vitsoe have produced a film attacking the practice of inbuilt or planned obsolescence. they say;

“The result is that you are forced into an everlasting cycle of repurchasing and repeating. For 50 years we have stood by our common sense approach of living better, with less, that lasts longer.
This single-minded, avowedly long-term, philosophy takes on physical form as our 606 Universal Shelving System – a product that is a flexible and faithful servant in the face of a turbulent world, one that minimises its inevitable impact on the world’s environment and resources by being useful for as long as possible.”

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