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Design and Build at 100% Design

Calling all specifiers, architects, DIY enthusiasts. 100% Design opens on 23 September and is made up of 5 key sections: interiors, kitchens and bathrooms, design and build, workplace and emerging brands. Here we outline some of the best brands to see in the design and build section. Register here to visit the show for free.

barrisol, 100% design

This may look like a giant, elephantine gramophone, but it’s actually a product of Barrisol’s®  world-leading  stretch ceilings for luminous, acoustic, printed and 3D solutions. It offers innovative custom solutions with more than 20 systems of stretch ceilings available in a range of  colours and finishes.

design and build, concreate

Made from a more sustainable form of mineral cement, Concreate® floor and wall panels can be used in all residential and commercial installations to create architectural concrete surfaces quickly and without the excessive weight of conventional tiled and poured concrete systems.

havwoods, flooring

W are big fans of Havwoods having caught their showroom at Clerkenwell Design Week. Havwoods are Britain’s foremost wood flooring company, with a portfolio of over 1000 products around half of which are held in stock.

mobilane, 100% design

There’s nothing quite like a living wall to make a room feel more alive and Mobilane really corner the market with their pieces that are perfect for home or the office. They have designs that can affix to walls as well as freestanding room dividers.

worlds end

World’s End Tiles are a well known and well loved name, with 40 years of experience in supplying tiles that continue to push the boundaries of innovation and style. At 100% Design, they will launch new product selections and bring some of their most popular designs.

Cube by Palette

Despoke are very excited to hear about the revolutionary on-the-go tool for interior designers, architects and creatives.

cube, palette, colour

Palette is a young collective of designers and engineers that believes people become artists when given the right tools. Palette’s first product is Cube, the portable colour digitiser. Cube fits in your hand and with one tap captures the colour of almost any surface. Cube seamlessly pairs with smartphones and desktops to show raw colour values in RGB, CMYK, HEX, LAB and LRV.

colour, cube, palette

Launching in the UK for the first time at 100% Design, the Cube fits into your pocket allowing you to take your inspiration home with you! Any colour on any surface can be captured and used.

palette, cube, colour

To celebrate the launch palette will be holding livc demonstrations at the show with the chance to win a Cube #capturethatcolour. Click here and register to see them free at 100% Design.

100% Design welcomes the Chinese Pavilion

100% Design is known for its international pavilions, bringing designers the world over together in one place during LDF. This year they welcome back the China Pavilion. china, 100% design

The China Pavilion, organised by Shenzhen Industrial Design Professional Design Association (SIDA) showcases design products from 50 major Chinese cities, promising an exciting design feast. Visitors will not only appreciate the contemporary design elements, but also those derived from a more recognisable and traditional Chinese style.

china pavilion, 100% design

A ‘China Design Day’ event will be held to encourage new partnerships between designers and merchants, both at home and abroad.

china, 100% design

Click here to find out more.

Reclaimed Flooring Co in Design & Build

Back once again, The Reclaimed Flooring Company take over an area in the Design and Build section of 100% Design.

reclaimed, flooring, 100% design

Famed for sourcing flooring and re-usable product from sites and countries across the world , this year they ask visitors to Look Closer. Through the Look Closer campaign they will not only challenge the way you view wood but inspire you to respect and admire this material in an entirely new light. The Reclaimed Flooring Company believes there is no superior product in the market and encourage anyone to stop by and take a Look Closer.

reclaimed, flooring,. design

This year has also seen the arrival of The Reclaimed Flooring Company’s new line Industrial Chic which uses the finest European solid oak boards that have been finely calibrated to display industrial style surface undulation. This high-end line offers natural yet modern tones that combine the texture of softly brushed oak with luxurious finishes, bridging city prestige and provincial charm.

reclaimed, flooring, design

See them at 100% Design register for free here:

INCLASS at 100% Design

INCLASS is a company located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain that designs and manufactures contemporary furniture for residential, office and public spaces. inclass, spain, chairs

With designers including Christophe Pillet, the company focuses on the colour and vibrancy of its products as well as creating unique and hard-wearing, functional design for the office.

inclass, chairs, spain

Above features DUNAS XS, designed by Christophe Pillet- an extensive collection of comfortable chairs and armchairs conceived as an extension of the DUNAS family. The collection is originated from the combination of two upper bodies with a wide variety of original bases that allow a wide range of use in all kinds of contexts and spaces, both residential and public.

inclass, spain, chairs

See the brand in the workplace area at 100% design by registering for free here:

Tafaruci Design

With colour the main theme at this year’s 100% Design there’s no doubt that Italian brand Tafaruci design will fit in perfectly.

tafaruci design, italian, sofa, 100% design

Their products are bold and fun with an emphasis on innovation and passion.

tafaruci design, 100% design, chair, table

Using traditional materials they create new and exciting forms for the home and office break out areas.

tafaruci, chair, 100% design

See them in the interiors section of 100% design register here for free: