Nordic Pavilion

Huge cell-like balloons inflate and deflate according to atmospheric conditions at Venice Architecture Biennale!

This year at the Venice Architecture Biennale the Nordic Pavilion has been filled with huge inflatable blobs that slowly expand and contract in response to changing environmental conditions. Curators Eero Lundén and Juulia Kauste wanted to show how humans can start to create architecture that is symbiotic with the environment.

They have installed four huge inflatables – designed to look like cells – inside the pavilion, with sensors that monitor the surrounding carbon-dioxide levels, humidity and temperature. The cells “breathe” in response to environmental.

“Essentially what we’re doing here is we have structures that live according to the changes in their environment, like me and you do,” Lundén told Dezeen. “So they breathe.”

“They breathe differently in different conditions,” he explained. “And then the colours change according to the temperature. They have a little bit of their own life. The original idea was that we wanted to make something that is close to an animal.”

The cells could also be filled partially with water, but this will only happen if organisers are able to mitigate the risk of the historic building, constructed by Sverre Fehn in 1962.

The Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 is open to the public until 25 November 2018!

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