For Summer 2018, Dedar looks back on its prestigious 42 year history, creating five new designs inspired by the past. Ensuring that no detail is overlooked, both the front and underside of the fabrics have been meticulously perfected by Dedar, giving the collection an added dimension.

Dedar has been inspired by the past for its new innovative designs, using bold patterns, a sophisticated colour palette and classic motifs modernised with chromatic colour ways. MIRABILIS PALMA Taking inspiration from Genoese palm damasks, based on Renaissance and 17th century furnishings when plant centre pieces were surrounded by elaborate foliage and spirals. The leaves and pomegranate fruits, symbolise wealth and fertility.

BUTTERFLY REVIVAL An extremely rich jacquard lampas, the fabric draws inspiration from nature and romantic influences. Referencing the metaphor of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, this archive fabric has been revived and given a new contemporary feel. The butterfly theme further references its Japanese inspiration using the prints and attention to detail found in kimonos but with a modernised twist.


Characterised by its diamond stitching pattern, this lampas fabric is inspired by the rich decorative fabrics of the 17th century. The fabric includes a delicate lace decoration and floral and fruit themed centrepiece. The archived fabric used as its main source of reference dates back to 18th century with origins in Spitalfields, London during a time of thriving textile production.


Taking inspiration from historical textiles, Delicious Manners features a curved decorative meandering design. Made from polychrome lampas, the fabric is also inspired by 17th century parlours, where the fabrics used in clothing and furnishing complimented each other creating eloquent connections between the environment and aristocratic fashion.

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