A piece of Sky at #CDW2018

Sky-Frame will present A Piece of Sky, an installation designed by award-winning Swiss architect and designer Stephan Huerlemann, during Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 (22-24 May 2018). This thought-provoking installation aims to bring out positive feelings amongst visitors by telling a story that transports them for a few seconds away from their hectic daily lives, so that they can think and even dream; and most importantly put a smile on their face. 

Stephan was keen that his new installation, A Piece of Sky, conveyed the intrinsic values of this state-of-the-art company on an abstract level, and most importantly within the confines that the unusual space on Great Sutton Street presented.


Stephan Huerlemann’s wish was to “bring a piece of heaven to the earth and put it in the context of London”. This he will do by giving visitors a beautiful view of the world, or to be more specific, of the sky, and a moment to pause, in what is a relatively restless and heterogeneous place. In principal this is exactly what Sky-Frame does with its frameless sliding doors. The play on the word Sky from Sky-Frame is intended. By designing the piece of concrete sky so precisely and technically, Stephan will make it even more real. However here the Sky will shimmer and pulsate. It will be transient and at the same time full of energy. Through the concrete representation of the otherwise abstract and incomprehensible term ‘sky’, it will raise many questions. Where does this piece of sky come from? Is the world a construction? Sky-Frame’s installation will be located on Great Sutton Street opposite The Slaughtered Lamb pub during Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 (22-24 May 2018).


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