H A R U stuck – on design – will be launching in the UK at Clerkenwell Design Week, an exciting new concept from Japan, a radical and easy way to bring colour to interiors. You can find them in Design Fields in the up-and-coming design event Clerkenwell Design Week (22-24 May).

It’s an adhesive tape that sticks to all kinds of surfaces, to furniture, to walls and floors – even to skateboards. And its special technology means it can easily be peeled off without a trace. Already a Red Dot Design Award winner, it’s as ideal for sophisticated architectural projects as it is for inspirational interior designers, as exciting for parents as it is for graffiti artists. Using HARU stuckon design, you’ll be exploring the best of your creative talents.

The architect Tom Holberton of SoHo+Co, writes, ‘HARU tape is a great invention and worthy of its Red Dot Design Award. It offers an immediate and very direct way to transform spaces through colour and pattern on a grand scale.

As architects it is exciting to use a new material which can be temporary, beautiful and impactful.’ HARU stuck-on design was developed by Nitto, a company established in Japan in 1918, with a long history in specialist electrical insulation materials and adhesive tape-related products. For 100 years they have created solutions and materials for all kinds of scientific, medical, industrial and automotive environments. Now they’re using their technological skills to create their own range of products, designed to be truly life enhancing, rooted in innovation and creativity.

HARU stuck-on design comes in a host of different combinations. There are 8 colour families, different patterns (some traditional, some graphic, some transparent), different kinds of materials (some tougher for floor use), and 4 different widths.

You can find HARU at their Design Fields stand during Clerkenwell Design Week. You’ll also be able to see the graffiti artist Pref, working with HARU on the wall outside the entrance to the Design Fields Pavilion, replicating one of his major works.

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