Historical Promiscuities

The exhibition displayed a selection of ceramics by the British young designer that reinterpret history and architecture through shapes, colours and pop atmospheres.

Adam Nathaniel exhibited at Milan Design Week with his “Historical Promiscuities” series – Under the curatorship of Luca Molinari, the exhibition displayed new ceramic works realised with the Italian brand Bitossi in an exclusive limited series, as well as pieces from the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London; and then drawings, prints and videos made by Furman.

The exhibition’s theatre was in the Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, where the Italian architects Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino have been able to construct a narrative work space, inhabited by eclectic artistic references, and which for this occasion were re-invented – together with Luca Molinari – in a new interesting narration.

It is exactly this relationship of contamination between different styles which give a framework to Adam Nathaniel Furman’s works, evoking the peculiar pop style which has rapidly brought him to the centre of public and critical acclaim.

The works of Adam Nathaniel Furman, has been flagged as one of the emerging creative talents on the British scene, with his series of classic-shaped, brightly coloured ceramics, recently exhibited at the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, and an original production of ceramics made by Bitossi, one of the historical brands in the relationship between avant-garde design and Italian tradition. Having in common a use of colour and its extreme and vital combinations, along with the capacity of mastering traditional shapes, creating absolutely unique objects.

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