The best of Milan

As always, Milan Design Fair, presents a wealth of design inspiration – here are just a some of our highlights from the week…


Open Sky transformed the overhead square of sky of Palazzo Isimbardi’s courtyard into a grounded, physical ring of reflected sky. Being faced with the tactile, yet abstract presence of the immense, circular form. Moving through the colonnade to the far side of the courtyard, the Palazzo’s 16th century architecture could be seen angularly reconfigured across the faceted, reflective surface. The centre of the installation, the angle of reflection shifted and the architecture dynamically pulled away like a curtain, opening up the sky.

Vegan Furniture

Israeli designer Erez Nevi Pana is aiming to push veganism to the design industry, by experimenting with different plants and minerals to create animal-free furniture.

For his Vegan Design exhibition, Nevi Pana wanted to further his research to see if it was possible to make designs without using any kind of material derived from animals. They were pretty spectacular.


HaySonos and WeWork exhibition

Milan’s Palazzo Clerici provided a dramatic setting for an exhibition by Hay, Sonos and WeWork, which juxtaposes contemporary furniture and products against the historic building’s ornate details.

CLS Architetti and Arup used a portable robot to 3D print a house in Milan

Printed onsite on Milan’s Piazza Cesare Beccaria, the 100-square-metre house was formed over the course of a week. Made up of 35 modules, the house features curved walls, a living area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Futuristic or what…?

Sanwa unveiled latest collection of tiny kitchens for micro homes

Japanese brand Sanwa launched a new collection of kitchens tailored to tiny homes, featuring a cabinet in vibrant citrus hues and a kitchen concealed in a desk. Showcasing eight new products – all of which are designed to provide cooking and washing facilities in a single unit – making them ideally suited for those with limited living space.

The Diner

We loved it so much it’s featuring on Despoke for a consecutive time! The Diner, a collaboration between American magazine Surface, architect David Rockwell with the LAB at Rockwell Group and creative studio 2×4. Clearly we weren’t the only admirers as it went on to receive the Milan Design Award for Best Engagement.

What was your Milan highlight? Let us know…

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