An organised office, an organised mind

With a record high of 58% of employees in the UK being offered flexible working, it’s more important than ever to have a functional work space at home. The right storage solutions combined with the agile working hours means that not only is your time flexible, but also your potential office space.

With the string system, creating a simple home office is easy. Shelves of various depths and colours can be quickly repositioned so you can build your own personal system to fit any space.

The string system is a series of storage components featuring classic wire panels that offer unlimited combinations. With numerous styles to choose from, you can make the shelving system work for any home. An organised home, an organised mind.

String was founded in 1949, when Nils Strinning and his wife, both architecture students at the time, won first prize in a competition to design a bookshelf for a Swedish publishing company. The innovative, minimalistic shelving system has paved the way for what we now recognise as iconic Scandinavian design.

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