Birth, death and a mid-life crisis

Alex Chinneck is known for his outdoor installations. But, that all changed when he revealed his latest project at The German Museum of Kirchheim Unter Teck. The installation known as ‘Birth, death and a midlife crisis’ where he tied a knot in a 450-year-old column, has been added to some of his most captivating works.

The columns are the prominent feature in the 450-year-old museum and this intervention took an opportunity to defy logic and distort history.

Chinneck commented: ‘I wanted to create the impression that we had only changed what was already physically present in the museum and the work was born through the manipulation, rather than introduction, of material. With this approach, the objective was to produce something sculpturally bold but contextually sensitive.’

With a passion for giving fluidity to typically inflexible things. Chinneck accompanies the knot with an extra straight column to maintain symmetry and a knotted broom for good measure! The German Museum of Kirchheim Unter Teck’s makeover is available to see until April 8th. It’s the first time in five years that Chinneck has made a small-scale piece.



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