At Home Havens

Whether you’re looking to create a garden summer house, party pad, family annex or creative retreat, Shepherd’s Huts have become the go-to choice for quirky living space amongst homeowners.

The Master Hut Makers at Plankbridge have been creating these luxurious living spaces for years, producing a wide range of private dens, balancing tradition and modernity.

Handmade in Dorset with a build guarantee for 20 years and a reputation almost as long, the company is a must for homeowners looking to creatively expand their home without the need for planning permission or the upheaval of an invasive house extension.

Plankbridge craftsmen are unofficial curators of the authentic Shepherd’s Hut design – it’s why HRH Prince Charles has one installed in his garden at Highgrove – the team are particularly accomplished at distilling big ideas into little at-home havens. From a mini spa and yoga studio to a home cinema and creative retreat, there’s an application for everyone.

To celebrate their passion for customisation, Plankbridge have launched an innovative ‘hut builder’ service on their new website. Experiment with colours, dimensions, fixtures and fittings, to make your dream huts a reality.

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