WonderGlass: Cabinet of Curiosities

WonderGlass presented their ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ at Maison & Objet last week, an installation full of playful surprises to showcase some of their finest works by design luminaries Claesson Koivisto Rune, Nao Tamura, Marcel Wanders, Dan Yeffet and Hideki Yoshimoto. 

Wonderglass Installation (Photo: Antonio Managò)

Wonderglass Installation (Photo: Antonio Managò)

The installation, which was divided into quadrants, showcased an object framed against large backlit photographs creating a 3D illusion.

Rise by Hideki Yoshimoto (Photo: Antonio Managò)

Under the creative direction of WonderGlass, the background images, showed a contrast of nature and human creation, with vibrant smoke clouds of hot pink and brilliant blues, or the peculiar addition of colourful balls to dramatically evoke the union of dream and reality in exquisite creations.

Calliope by Marcel Wanders (Photo: Antonio Managò)

The layering of the objects and visual art in the cabinets created the optical illusion of an installation that spans well beyond the dimensions of the space. Trippy!


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