Industrial Interiors

The love of warehouse buildings has become a global phenomenon, from London to New York, Sydney to Florence. Living in heritage industrial buildings is highly sort after, but nothing is stopping us all from replicating that industrial look in our own homes.

For Surface View’s latest Edit, they teamed up with Warehouse Home magazine, selecting a mix of products that epitomise the signature Warehouse Home aesthetic, helping you create your very own modern industrial interiors.

Going industrial in your décor doesn’t need to be a mammoth task, just get comfortable with wood, steel and concrete – key elements to creating a stylish yet low maintenance boudoir. Industrial decor is one of our favourite interior styles, purely for its ability to achieve aesthetic balance. It is simultaneously organic and engineered, bold and refined, masculine and feminine.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got naturally exposed ceiling beams, iron reinforcements or perfectly weathered wood; a copper piped light or a steampunk clock can go a long way to achieving your industrial home, at a low expense.  Whether you’re planning on resurrecting an old space or want to add industrial flair in your current one, there are some easy ways to incorporate this in your home on a tighter budget! Check out Surface View’s latest edit.


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