Lindsey Lang New Rugs

There’s no season like winter to get a blooming nice rug down on the floor. Lindsey Lang is proud to announce the launch of her new rug collection inspired by geometry found in nature.

Crystal Rug

As an artist at heart, Lindsey’s designs have always have a common thread of ‘Geometry Inspired by Nature’. Her patterns and bold colours have been translated in a variety of high-end products across the world.

Scatter Rug
Lang says, “There is a clear reference to the shapes and grids that I use in my designs. For example, ‘Geode’ is a reference to a various cut facets found in rock formations, ‘Scatter’s is an abstraction of a sunflower which is the state flower of my hometown in Kansas USA, ‘Curve is a play on concentric circles found in many flowers, and ‘Bantam’ is inspired by the feathers of the English Bantam Cockerel. I also like to play with various grids that are derived from nature, I like to take those carefully designed rules and then break them.”
Gridwork rug

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