On our Christmas list…

We have done our darn best to get the ultimate Christmas list together. A list just for you. No one else. A list for other people to have, to give presents to YOU. Glad we cleared that up. Have a gander.


french house chic

Ever dreamt about leaving London, grabbing your wellies and doing up that chateau you have lying around? Jane Webster did just that.  She left her hometown, restored a run down chateau in Normandy and wrote a beautiful book about the process. Influenced by her love of a style never out of fashion, French House Chic includes intimate imagery of never-before-seen French houses and Jane’s personal address book of suppliers, creators and stores. Now, where did we put that chateau?

Vitra Toolbox


Whenever when we are asked what we want for Christmas, we send them a link to the Design Museum Shop and just ask them to go wild. We have chosen Vitra’s Toolbox for this year. Practical and chic. Basically describing ourselves. Ahem.

Where do we go when we want a bang on trend treat that screams luxurious AND cool? Darkroom of course, silly! Succulents are the plant fad that just never die (literally) and as well as being super hardy they also look great. We want all of these Hex terracotta planters from the store immediately, pretty please.

Canvas Home

Canvas Home has finally arrived on our shore, parked up in Clerkenwell and for the month of December only, will be open to members of the public (usually just wholesale.) NO ONE could turn their noses up at this stunning cutlery set Oslo, inspired by mid 20th Century Scandinavian cutlery. And it comes in a 20 piece gift set. Winning.

Present and Correct

How funny. We are back on a stationery store again? Who would have thought it? This time it’s the glorious Present and Correct and their blooming marvellous set of Bulgarian, brutalist hotels. Because…why not?


We recently discovered Air and Grace via Mummy blogger Dress Like a Mum and now we are financially ruined. We want all the sneakers, all the boots. Everything really. We want this Dress like a Mum collaboration Copeland shoe especially. Absolutely zero explanation needed as to why.

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