Tania Johnson: new Surface Collection at Decorex

Tania Johnson launches a brand new evocative rug range at Decorex this September.

Tania Johnson

Borne out of her signature photography, the Surface Collection arose from the beautiful patterns and textures that form on the everyday surfaces that surround us. A hazy silhouette created by leaves as they brush against a textured panel; tendrils threading their way over misty glass; light glinting through the cracks of a peeling metallic surface and hints of leaves visible through weathered glass; each of these delicate moments has been captured and intricately re-interpreted into the permanent form of warp and weft.

Tania johnson

Consisting of Flutter, Smudge, Glimmer and Leaf Tint, the new wool and silk hand knotted Surface Collection, will be shown on Stand C27 at Decorex, 17-20 Sept, Syon Park. Get down there and see this extraordinary artwork (that if we bought, no one would ever stand on) in situ.

Tania johnson




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