Bell fragrance dispenser

Inspired by the Little Prince book, Sottovoce have designed a new scent dispenser that is a beautifully designed product that also enables beautiful smells.

Bell soccovoce

“My rose, she is the most important of all because it is the only one that I water, is the only one that I have put under the glass globe and I protect with a screen. Because it is her that I protect, she is the one and only I listen when she complains or boasts or even, when she is silent … ”  The Little Prince by A. De Saint-Exupery.

bell scent

Sottovoce believe a bell protects something unique and precious- whether that’s a sound or a smell. Bell is a home scent dispenser, which consists of 2 parts: the bottle which contains the fragrance and the bell. Like the Little Prince who protects his rose,  so the bell protects, covers and preserves the scent.


You can take off the bell when you want to activate the fragrance, and place the bell back on when you want to stop it.  Designed by Sottovoce (Giorgio Bonaguro and Viviana Maggiolini) and produced by Ichendorf, the Bell collection is made of borosilicate glass and is produced in three finishes: transparent, “rigadin” and gold finish.

Photos by Andrea Basile (

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