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Sometimes we need beautiful things to help steel us for a commute home during a tube strike. When this situation arises we look at Cos X Hay and imagine a better world.

Cos X Hay

How about a trivet (a wonderful, joy-inducing word in its own right)? A trivet in varying pastel and muted shades upon which you may place your beautiful pans, holding tasty and healthy homegrown vegetables. (This is vomit-inducing.)

cos x hay

Don’t need a trivet (and let’s be honest who really does when they have chopping boards)? How about a rose gold tray made in stainless steel for all those imaginary guests you’ll never squeeze into your flat?

cos x hay

Want to impress your friends and just generally make not having a dishwasher that little bit easier? Get a tea towel designed by Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings.

cos x hay

Make a statement about your love of pentagons whilst also increasing your cholesterol. There is definitely something very satisfying about the shape of these salt and pepper mills.

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