Collecting Europe

A collaboration between the Goethe-Institut London and the V&A in partnership with the British Council, ‘Collecting Europe’ at the V&A opens tomorrow. Europe’s history has always been characterised by shifting boundaries, political and economic upheaval, migration and the displacement of people- now more so than perhaps ever. As the debate about the future of Europe continues, the V&A and Goethe-Institut has asked 12 artists to imagine themselves in the year 4017, looking back and making sense of where we are now.

Fru*Fru Eurasic Bath

The artworks on display throughout the V&A from 1 – 7 February 2017 allow visitors to travel 2000 years into the future, to reflect on the present and explore the meaning of Europe and European identity. The above by Fru*Fru, bring to life three different futuristic bathroom situations, performed within a technological set. Eurasic Bath sees the overlapping of culture and technology, building a Eurasic identity of intimacy and consumption. The use of technology in these future imagined bathrooms promotes the creation of blurred identities by turning intimate spaces into performance stages.

AVM Curiosities

AVM Curiosities has created a contemporary sugar sculpture that takes inspiration from European architectural heritage. Historically, sugar sculptures were synonymous with luxury and power. Alabaster Ruins combines ancient and modern techniques, using a 17th-century ‘sugar-plate’ recipe alongside 3D printing technology. It brings together fragments of English Tudor, French Gothic, German Baroque and classical Greek structures.

IC-98 and Kustaa Saksi

IC-98 and Kustaa Saksi have created a contemporary millefleurs tapestry (a pattern of thousands of flowers) that transports visitors 2,000 years into the future. Sea levels have risen and the human race is long gone, but its effects are everywhere. The tapestry imagines the site where the Svalbard Global Seed Vault once stood. Here, seeds forecast to thrive in the tropical climate of the future have sprouted into lush forests. The actual seeds of depicted plants are woven into the fabric of the carpet, which becomes a path reclaimed by nature, pregnant with the future inhabitants of Europe.

Make sure to visit and find out what Europe might have in store….


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