Unusual stocking fillers

Sebastian Bergne have done the hard work for you and found all sorts of mad prezzies for those stockings that need filling.

Bouncy baubles

Bouncy Bauble is a Christmas decoration with a difference. Bergne has repurposed a children’s rubber bouncing ball to make a unique object. Who cares if the baby tears down the tree- it’ll all bounce!

golden opportunity

It may look like just a golden nail, but The Golden Opportunity can be a, decoration or simply a chance to hang something special. Anything that’s gold, even if it is just a nail, looks special.

bandit ruler

At first glance, this appears to be just like any other ruler. But wait…..this one has a printed acrylic body that is carefully designed to have standard elastic bands wrapped around, forming a trigger mechanism that enables it to shoot other bands at classmates or work colleagues. Ahem.

ring soap

We didn’t even know we needed soap that we could hang on the wall. But now we see it, we must have it! Ring Soap hangs on its peg, always ready to use. It remains dry, is consumed more slowly and becomes a graphic element on the wall. Need immediately.

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