Stig Lindberg for Skandium

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Skandium is launching a series of kitchenware products with illustrations by Stig Lindberg from the children’s book Daniel Doppsko (Daniel Tip Your Toe) from 1959, telling the tale on how Daniel discovers a city and life under the water. Working with the Lindberg estate, we have transferred Lindberg’s work to mugs, bowls, tea towels and trays.

skandium, stig lindberg

Stig Lindberg (1916 – 1982). Born in Umeå, northern Sweden in 1916 as the youngest child of five, Lindberg’s classmates remember him being so skinny, they would call him ’Stickan’ (the stick).

In 1942 Stig Lindberg made himself a name amongst the Arts and Crafts community in Sweden with his now legendary exhibition ‘Faience in Spring’ at the Gustavsberg shop in Stockholm.

The exhibition was a huge success with enthusiastic reviews, hailing the new talent. Stig Lindberg with his vivid imagination and lighthearted playfulness had created a new ‘ceramic language’ for Sweden.

skandium, stig lindberg

With his light hand, originality and humour, Stig Lindberg won the hearts and minds of the Swedish public and is still today regarded as one of the most influential and loved artists in Scandinavian design history. Welcome to taste some of the talent and wit of Stig Lindberg through his Skandium products.

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