Shkatulka desk accessory set by Lesha Galkin


Russian designer Lesha Galkin created the set of Shkatulka desk accessories as part of the IBZA project. Popular ancient Russian ‘secret’ caskets for storing valuable items provided inspiration for the marble and wood range. The Shkatulka storage kit has a secret too – the various modules can be rearranged to suit your functional needs.

Shkatulka-by-Lesha-Galkin 12


Shkatulka-by-Lesha-Galkin 14


Shkatulka-by-Lesha-Galkin- 13


Shkatulka-by-Lesha-Galkin 11


Shkatulka-by-Lesha-Galkin 11


Shkatulka-by-Lesha-Galkin 8


Shkatulka-by-Lesha-Galkin 5


Shkatulka-by-Lesha-Galkin 7




Shkatulka-by-Lesha-Galkin 10






Lesha Galkin



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