White Wolf Hotel by AND-RÉ


White Wolf Hotel designed by AND-RÉ.



White Wolf 1










Architects detail:

A series of buildings intimately related with the surrounding rich natural environment. The built architecture is a realization of the holistic intentions and alternative way of life of the clients. The architecture object, profoundly integrated in the natural context, provide a powerfull spiritual experience of calm, intimacy, meditation and retreat.

Instead of a single construction condensing the entire program, the adopted strategy aimed to spread the facilities through separated buildings along the site, adapting itself to the existing natural conditions, respecting and enhancing its values. Thus providing a more rich living experience, full of distinct moments and sensations.


Type: Hotel & Housing

Status: Completed (2013)

Location: Penafiel / Portugal

Promoter: Quinta do Lobo Branco – Turismo Rural, lda

Architecture Team: Partners in charge: Bruno André / Francisco Salgado Ré / Collaborators: Adalgisa Lopes / Ana Matias / João Fernandes / Pedro Costa / Sandra Paulo / Sofia Mota Silva


For more detail visit: AND-RÉ


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