Portfolio Alert: Samuel Wilkinson

Samuel final

Above: Babylon collection for Lexon.

Portfolio Alert is a  new feature for Despoke. We will be taking you on a whistlestop tour of the portfolios recommend. First in the line up is the back catalogue of industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson. We love the Babylon Collection, above, launched this month featuring a pen, a pen pot, scissors, a stapler, a tape dispenser and an alarm clock for Lexon.


Above: Recycle Bins

We love the shades of green on the set of storage containers that promote domestic waste recycling. The powder coated aluminium boxes feature a flush lid with coloured handles for varying materials such as Paper, Glass, Metal and Plastics. Each container fits standard paper bags found at many large retailers. These can be re-used until recycled themselves. The containers can used individually for other household storage such as dirty linen or shoes.


Above: Hatcham

The brief was to create a beautiful wooden stackable chair. The chairs classic proportions let the detail produce its unique identity. The main distinctive detail is the cast aluminium leg bracket that attaches to solid oak legs and oak veneered ply seat and back. The name Hatcham derives from the old name of the foundry that helped produce the casting in east London, originally named ‘Hatcham Ironworks’. To reflect a bit of the history of the old works cast lettering was added on the inside of the bracket.


Above: Mantis Desk

The concept for Mantis desk was to create an affordable compact work space with a clean elegant aesthetic that can work well in domestic setting as well as an office. The flexible design comes with optional accessories that help to keep your environment neat and tidy. The solid wood top has a removable plate that allows easy access to a storage tray hiding unsightly plugs and cables. Other accessories include a removable drawer for a laptop or papers, a file / book holder and a back panel that can either act as a note board or in a privacy screen. All of the components independently fix to the solid top so can be placed as desired by the user.


Above: Hoof Tables


To find out more or commission the designer visit: www.samuelwilkinson.com

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