‘Das House’ by Louise Campbell


Louise Campbell presented her imposing 240 metre-squared ‘Das House’ at IMM Cologne 2014. It is an accolade to be chosen for the job. Each year a designer is commissioned to build their future home detailing visually how it is possible to create a world of one’s own that becomes an expression of their own personality. The project evolved through a series of themes and secret titles. One being Alice in Wonderland; Louise wanted to play with adventure and the freedom of her world albeit limited at times with the constraints of designing for a commercial fair.




The open plan layout is constructed with a timber frame. Grids are laid to distinguish each distinct area.


She considers it more of an idea of a house; you will quickly notice she omitted to include interior walls. The contrasting exterior panels are decorative featuring larch shingle cladding. Intermittently sections feature striped tips.

“It is open yet its private, intimate yet it is flexible all these contrasts have been taken into the house,” said Campbell.


Taking her favourite piece of furniture the bed she played with scale, as did Alice. Instead of the typical double sized bed there is a 20 metre one.  She considers it will be used 24/7, a bed that is not solely used for sleep, it is a multi purpose area dominating the interior and ties in with the theme.


Her second favourite piece of furniture is the table located in the centre of the house and the concept explored is an endless one, again for a variety of everyday uses.


If you want to fix, build, cook, or invent something everything is at hand, quite literally as home tools en masse are displayed the full length of a pegboard wall.


Calm and serene spring to mind, could it be the lack of technology? No flat screen television? It is purposefully low tech.

“It is a place where you use your body to reach something. You may have your Mac or pc products of course, but they come with you, they do not dominate the space, they are not built in, comfort is.”


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