Haus Unimog by Wezel Architektur and Fabian Evers Architecture

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The brief set required a residence and workshop to accommodate the owners Unimog. German architecture studios Fabian Evers Architecture and Wezel Architektur coined the structure ‘House Unimog’ in homage to the four wheel drive trucks produced by Mercedes-Benz. This unique corrugated home is set on two levels; the ground floor is semi transparent, the first floor black and opaque.

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The limitations such as cost and location in a busy location near Tübingen, Germany factored highly throughout the design process. This is reflected in the choice of materials used.


“The concept was to stack the two different uses on top of each other in order to minimise the footprint on the site and to orient the living rooms from the street towards the landscape,” said Fabian Evers.

House Unimog 1

Natural light fills the workshop during the daytime, and  illuminates the neighborhood by night.

House-Unimog 2

Facade: Positioned in a residential area.

Wezel Evers Architektur_Haus Unimog-4217_72dpi

A substantial south oriented loggia enables seamless views and access into the adjoining setting.

house unimog 3

The lower part of the workshop is cladded with corrugated translucent polycarbonate elements.

Wezel Evers Architektur_Haus Unimog-3843_72dpi

The vehicle in situ.

Wezel Evers Architektur_Haus Unimog-4498_72dpi

The domestic space: Low cost oriented strand board creates feature walls and ceilings contrasting perfectly with the black floor in the living area and the white tiles of the bathroom. The addition of a red lead finishes the room.


The overall cost for the 120m2: 170.000 Euros


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