Farewell Fat Architecture

FAT_portrait (from left_ Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland, Sam Jacob) ©Tim Soar

FAT announced the end of its practice today. The phenomenally successful collaboration will close next summer after 23 years of service in design upon the completion of A House For Essex, designed for Living Architecture (in collaboration with artist Grayson Perry), and the curation of A Clockwork Jerusalem at the British Pavilion as part of the 2014 Venice Biennale (in collaboration with Crimson Architectural Historians and Owen Hatherley).

1) FAT_BBC Roath Basin Studios (1)_© Tim Soar

BBC production village in Roath Basin, Cardiff

The directors Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland and Sam Jacob believe that FAT will have accomplished all it set out to do when the practice launched as a ‘collective’ of architects, artists and film makers, in the 1990’s.

2) FAT_BBC Roath Basin Studios (2)_© Tim Soar

BBC production village in Roath Basin, Cardiff

FAT quickly became one of Britain’s most significant architecture studios. Their work challenged the field of architecture by developing groundbreaking forms of cross disciplinary practice and new critical directions in architecture while attracting mainstream clients and releasing a series of highly inventive structures worldwide.

mor 2

Blue House, London.

FAT’s directors will continue to grace us with their presence as individuals in the fields of architecture, design, art, writing and education.

4) FAT_Islington Square, Manchester_© Tim Soar

Islington Square, Manchester.

They concluded by saying they remain open to offers for a lucrative reunion in 20 years’ time.

5) FAT_CIAC, Middlesbrough_© Rob Parrish

CIAC, Middlesborough.

6) FAT_The Villa, Rotterdam (2)_© Rob Parrish

The Villa, Rotterdam

7) FAT_The Villa, Rotterdam (1)_© Maarten Laupman

The Villa, Rotterdam

8)FAT_A house for Essex (in collaboration with Grayson Perry)_© FAT

A House for Essex, Fat / Grayson Perry.

9) FAT_Villa Rotunda Redux, Venice Architecture Biennale_© FAT

Villa Rotunda Redux

We would like to wish them the best of luck for the future, not that they will need it.




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