Editor’s Pick: Pran Modular Sofa by Position Collective

POSITION_PRAN_SOFA_highres copy Above: Pran Modular Sofa

This week I have searched for a pair of sofas high and low to adorn my parlour. I know I am not alone is the quest for perfection. Much time elapsed whilst obsessing over colour, fabric construction and the importance of  a ‘good’ set of sofa legs, the final decision was made and invoice paid. However, much to my dismay I stumbled upon the Pran Modular Sofa by Position Collective, isn’t that what always happens? Life would be much easier if I was not so obsessive. Back to the sofa in question. By varying the upholstered modular pieces of the sofa Pran, one can create the perfect two-seat couch for the home and can also build lounge corners for larger spaces. Available in a range of colours with the gradient texture being a fully customisable feature of the collection. Alas, it will be the one that got away.

Made to order at Position Collective.

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