Heavystock shelving by Knauf & Brown for Esaila

Heavystock mix 1

Heavystock is a modular shelving unit consisting of stackable ash legs and powder coated steel shelves by Knauf & Brown for Esaila. Shelves are stackable and infinitely expandable, making it suitable for contract and domestic use. 


The shelving has a light paper-like profile, but is quite sturdy and rigid when assembled. The corners of the steel bend down to join subtly to the legs, and are attached on the bias, creating a deceptively stable connection.


Thanks to its four-sided design, the shelving can be put together in any number of configurations, and stacks without any extra hardware.

Heavystock black 4

Appealing yet unobtrusive, Heavystock’s uncomplicated beauty is designed to showcase your wares without taking precedence.


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