The Hanging Room by TILT


The Hanging Room is a new approach to flexible working practices by London-based design and architecture studio, TILT.

Specially developed for the 100% Office Hub at 100% design, The Hanging Room installation will run during the show at the London Design Festival.


Above: Cafe configuration

The concept shows a bold new approach to 21st Century working spaces with a dynamic architectural representation.


Above: Cinema configuration

A complex rigging system of different panels or partitions and screens allows the space to be easily reconfigured for different uses, such as a café, lecture theatre, cinema or champagne bar.


Above: Champagne bar configuration

TILT co-founder Oliver Marlow says, “Increasingly we are seeing a search for an environment that can actually be changed and modified by its users; essentially an architecture of improvisation and flux, in constant motion.

“This transition in how we use existing buildings or design new ones is a natural consequence of the changes in how we work.”

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