Bigshot Camera


Digital Cameras have almost become ubiquitous amongst adults and young people all over the globe. Now Bigshot is offering a way to use digital cameras as a form of education.

Social media sharing sites like Instagram, Facebook and twitter have revoltionised the way take and share photographs, without thinking about the technology that goes into capturing an image.


Shree Nayar, a Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University, designed the Bigshot camera as a kit for assembly, in a move to expose young people to the science and technology behind the devices. Nayar is now focusing his energy on making Bigshot available to educators and less-privileged children around the world.

The camera can be be built by children as young as eight and it comes with a corresponding interactive book to learn about the underlying concepts behind photography – optics, electromagnetism and electronics, amongst other things.


The camera features a hand-crank to charge the battery when USB charging is not available: approximately five to seven rotations lets the user take one picture.

A ‘Swiss-Army’® inspired set of lens on a rotating dial equip the camera to take regular, wide angle, or even Stereo (3D) photographs, which can be downloaded using software that available from the Bigshot website.


The Bigshot retails for around $90 (plus shipping) and is currently only available to buy in the USA. However inventor Shree Nayar founded a social venture, Kimera LLC, which has licensed the camera for manufacturing and worldwide distribution.

Kimera uses part of its royalties to donate the Bigshot camera to severely under-privileged communities around the world.

Watch a video about Bigshot below:

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