The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution at the Design Museum

3D Printed Makie Dolls

Above: 3D Printed Makie Dolls

The Future is Here. The Design Museum has teamed up with the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, in a new exhibition exploring how dramatic changes in technology are transforming our environments

The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution, presents a ground-breaking exhibition of today’s emerging technologies, which are rapidly changing the pace of design.

Laser Cut Shades

Above: Laser cut shades

Everyday users are becoming more involved in shaping the world around them. The growing number of design ‘hacktivists’ –  those who share and download designs to customise- and the increasing accessibility of 3D printers at a consumer level means that people are getting used to the idea that they can be more involved in the process of design.

Mass customisation is a key theme running throughout the exhibition: from Nike’s famous (and infamous) personalised trainers to 3D printed dolls that have customisable features, and a crowd-sourced sofa.

Exhibition preview

Above: View of the exhibiton

3D printing, crowd-funding, social networking, and the growing open-source community is making it easier for the Average Joe to take part in a process that has until now been reserved for a select few designers or manufacturers.

The Future is Here shows what our future could look like if the new industrial revolution is fully embraced by the masses.

Form Labs

Above: 3D Printer © Form Labs

Highlights in the exhibition include The Future is Here Factory, a space dedicated to digital fabrication – such as laser cutting and 3D printing – to encourage visitors to interact with designs that they can assemble.

For the young at heart, Mackie Lab will be showing a series of fully customisable action dolls, which have an inside space specially designed for the addition of ‘hacks’ such as voice-chips, LEDs, or even Bluetooth.

The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution, at theDesign Museum, 24 July – 3 November 2013; Design Museum, Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD, 10.00-17.45 daily, T: 0870 833 9955,

Images Courtesy Design Museum

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