13° 60° 104° Decanter by Rokos


British designer Jim Rokos has developed a decanter that gets slowly tipsy as the contents are consumed.


The 13° 60° 104° Decanter is now available to buy in a 0.75 litre capacity, designed to hold a regular bottle of wine. The larger decanter is designed to hold a magnum.


The somewhat intriguing name of the decanter is derived from the three angles at which it sits, starting in the ‘sober’ angle of 13° and progressing throughout the evening to the ‘drunken’ position of 104°.


An brilliant (and accidental) feature of the design is the way liquid cascades around the bowl of the glass, breathing the wine as it is poured in.


The decanter by ROKOS uses a ‘hard glass’ normally used in the manufacture of laboratory apparatus and is free-blown on a lathe, meaning that each piece is unique.

Watch a video about how the decanters are made below:

13° 60° 104° from Rokos on Vimeo.

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Photographs courtesy of Rokos and photographed by John R Ward

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