New Designers Part 2

Plymouth University_Selection

Above: A selection of designs at the Plymouth University 3D Design stand

Last night was the opening of New Designers Part 2 at the Business Design Centre. The Universities involved put on some incredible displays and we saw some great designs from very talented young designers, featured here. 

Spyros Kizis_Artichair Collection

Above: Artichair Collection by Spyros Kizis

Big names from the design industry were going around the preview and talking to potential new recruits, who were eager to discuss their projects. We expect to see a few of these names coming up again and again over the next few years.

Henry Franks_Range of Objects inspired by Dyslexia

Above: Muxlexia – Range of Objects inspired by Dyslexia, by Henry Franks. Winner of the BDC New Designer of the Year Award

The various awards at New Designers showed personal, innovative and exciting projects from graduating students in their prospective fields.

Product Design graduate from Northumbria University, Henry Franks, won the BDC New Designer of the Year award – the top accolade at the show – for his range of products inspired by dyslexia.

Franks’ designs are of everyday items that have something turned upside down or the wrong way around, challenging your perceptions of the object.

Leala Dymond_Bungy Sofa

Above:  Bungy Sofa by Leala Dymond. Winner of the New Designers 100% Design Award

The New Designers 100% Design Award was awarded to a very pleased Leala Dymond for her Bungy Sofa.

The Bucks New University graduate uses bungee cords (hence the name) to create a pocketed effect in the fabric and provide fresh ways of storing the items that so often get lost down the back of the sofa.

Peter Larkam_Branch Lighting

Above: Branch Lighting by Peter Larkam

EKDESIGN by Katharina Eisenkoek_Cncrete and Leather Lights

Above: Concrete and Leather Lights by Katharina Eisenkoeck. At One Year On at New Designers

Mona Tripp_Hidden Pedestaland Abacus Occassional Tables

Above: Abacus (left) and Hidden Pedestal (right) Occasional Tables by Mona Tripp

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New Designers Part 2 runs from 03 to 06 July 2013 at the Islington Design centre. Visit the New Designers website for more information.

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