United Micro Kingdoms

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Above: The Anarcho-Evolutionists. This county embraces new technology and believes that humans should adapt themselves to their environment through training, DIY biohacking and self-experimentation

United Micro Kingdom (UmK): A Design Fiction presents a fictional future for the United Kingdom, from the perspective of designers and educators, Dunne and Raby.

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Above: Digicars. These represent a development of electric self-drive cars into a mode of transport likened to an economy airline, which constantly calculates the best and most economic route

The exhibition opening today at the Design Museum depicts England devolved into four diverse, self-governing counties or micro kingdoms.

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Above: Train. The Communo-Nuclearists travel on a constantly moving train consisting of 75 mountain carriages where all the inhabitants live. The train also contains factories, labs, gyms and gardens: everything that a community needs to function

Concepts from art, sociology, architecture, industrial design and science provoke debate about how products and resources are used.

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Above: Train carriages 2, 3. Nuclear Reactor

Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby’s vision for United Micro Kingdom sees reinterpretations of transport systems and technology from four perspectives: Digitarians, Communo-Nuclearists, Anarcho-Evolutionists and Bioliberals.

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Above: Final polishing at the Design Museum before the exhibition opens to the public today

This small exhibition packs a powerful punch and invites contemplation about the potential applications of current and emerging technologies, hinting at the possible social, cultural and ethical implications.

Are you a Bioliberal or a Digitarian?

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Above: Biocars. The Bioliberals prefer to travel in light organically grown vehicles that are customised to each user. The vehicles run on anaerobic digesters and fuel cells

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Above: Train. The model of the three kilometer train that is home to the Communo-Nuclearlists takes up the entire length of the table in the exhibition

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Above: a graph represents the four counties

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Above: United Micro Kingdoms (UmK) Flag. Following traditional flag design, each of the four counties is represented by a different symbol

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Above: Map of the different counties that make up the United Micro Kingdom

United Micro Kingdom (UmK): A Design Fiction opens today and runs until 26th August 2013 at the Design Museum, Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD, 10.00-17.45 daily, T: 0870 833 9955, www.designmuseum.org

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