Grip Clip: Pencil Hero

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Atticus Anderson and Blake Crowe are tackling an issue close to the heart of many design professionals. With a background in Architecture, I personally feel the plight of lost pens and pencils, however the Grip Clip aims to make rummaging around on desks and work spaces for hidden pencils a thing of the past.

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This simple moulded plastic grip consists of one tube and once grip element, designed to attach to the arm to any pair of glasses or safety glasses to hold pencils, pens and even Sharpies.


The clips are currently made by hand using plastic poured into 3D printed moulds but the designers want to streamline production.

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Using crowd funding website Kickstarter, Anderson and Blake’s Grip Clip is near the end of what is turning out to be a very successful campaign to raise the $6,000 funding it needs to put the Grip Clip into production.

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Below is the video from the duo’s Grip Clip Kickstarter page:

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