Unexpected Pleasures at the Design Museum

Above: Karl Fritsch, Screw Ring (2010).

An exhibition of contemporary jewellery from the perspective of the maker and the wearer is currently on show at theĀ  Design Museum in London. Unexpected pleasures is curated by jewellery maker Dr. Susan Cohn and Ab Rogers designed the exhibition.

Above: Blanche Tilden, Speed (2000). Photography by Marcus Scholz.

Contemporary jewellery from 1970s to present day is presented across a number of themes: Worn Out, Linking Links and A Fine Line. The exhibition looks at the ways we wear jewellery, the narratives expressed in this often minute medium and the origins of contemporary jewellery today.

Above: Camilla Prasch, Mega (2009). Photography Dorte Krogh.

Over 130 jewellers are featured in the exhibition and the pieces on show range from unusual accessories to extreme body altering adornments.

Above: Tiffany Parbs, Extension (2008).

Unexpected Pleasures until 3 March 2013; Design Museum, Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD, 10.00-17.45 daily, T: 0870 833 9955, www.designmuseum.org

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