Printing Buildings

Universe Architecture is trying to revolutionise the field of architecture. The Landscape house resembles a giant mobius strip that is constructed using D-Shape 3D printers. The architects think the technology offers a way to turn shapes otherwise only possible as sculpture into pieces of architecture, and could be applied to any type of building.

Janjaap Ruijssenaars and Freddy Koelemeijer are the project’s architects and they have been working with Enrico Dini, chairman of D-Shape, a 3D printer designed specifically to make buildings on a large scale.

The building would be printed in 5-10cm layers, giving a huge amount of flexibility in the design that traditional construction cannot offer. The process turns sand into a marble like material that requires no extra structural support.

The continuous surface means that floors become walls and roofs, creating spaces between them.


Above and below: prototype models

You can see how important 3D modelling and printing has been to the design process of the building.

Above: Ground floor planAbove: First floor plan
Above: Sections

Images courtesy of Universe Architecture

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