Concept Bike that does what it says on the aluminium

We received this exciting project in our inbox this morning. This bicycle concept by Paolo De Giusti was finished only a few days ago and promises to be…. a bicycle; it doesn’t have a USB connection and it cannot ‘sync’ data to you smartphone.

The XXXVI DG 36″ concept bike has two wheels, two pedals and a saddle. It is designed to be a bicycle for bicycle lovers; the 36 inch wheels are larger than commonly used sizes today and are “perfect for the everyday cruiser”, De Giusti says.

The frame is an interesting asymmetric figure-of-eight shape and appears to wrap itself around the wheels as they have been slotted into place.

The wheel rims are made from carbon fibre whilst the frame is aluminium and it has a single fixed-gear.

Visit Paolo De Giusti’s online portfolio for more information and projects.

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