Hi-Tech Bohemian Crystal

Above: Stone designed by Jirí Pelcl

After spending several years gathering dust, glassware is becoming exciting again. Despoke came across BOMMA, originally known as Bohemia Machine Glass, when we visited Top Drawer last week. 

Above: Strict designed by Dan Gonzáles (student of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design)

This Czech brand works with top designers such as Jirí Pelcl – who designed the Stone range (main image) we Tweeted about – but also champions student designs by working with The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (AAAD). 

Above: Engineering-m80x6 designed by Studio Koncern Design

The company has been a manufacturer of hi-tech glass machinery for the past twenty years, but more recently expanded to produce its own crystalware.

You can see BOMMA’s manufacturing pedigree in the details of the pieces; the Engineering-m80x6 range displays technical details of the designs sandblasted onto the surface and has a deep thread pattern cut into the base to create a grip that resembles a screw.

Above: Klasik designed by Maxim Velcovský

Above and Below: Designed by František Vízner

Above: Gem by Jirí Pelcl

Watch this video about how BOMMA uses traditional glassblowing hi-tech machinery to create its collections:

BOMMA / hi tech crystal from FILMOCHOD on Vimeo.

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