100% Argentine Design

Continuing our focus on designers across the globe and the representation of national identity through design, our next stop is Argentina.

100% Argentine Design

On the opposite side of the wall just behind the Chilean display, an exhibition showcasing the work of Argentina’s hottest design talent can be found. The work on display is a combination of submissions from eight designers each of whom was hand selected by the Argentine Embassy for their innovative and traditionally inspired work.

Delores Farias of the Argentine Embassy in London told Despoke that for Argentina to be represented at 100% Design was extremely beneficial for the nation’s reputation which is not typically associated with cutting edge design. “When people think of Argentina” Dolores explained, “they think of wine and steak, but the creative industries actually play  a really significant role in the wellbeing of our country’s economy.”

The 100% Argentine Design exhibition displays a quintessential view of Argentina, with each piece representing the show’s manifesto: traditional innovtion. The designers whose work you can see on display include; Arqom, Masekos, Foxy, Adriana Torres, Heidi Jalkh, Buna, Vacavaliente & UAU.


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