La Rinascente and SaloneSatellite present ‘THE DESIGNERS OF THE FUTURE’


Above: The Phytophiler by Dossofiorito

This week the Design Supermarket of  La Rinascente launched 7 new talents displaying original designs endorsed by SaloneSatellite for the second consecutive year.

Again, both La Rinascente and SaloneSatellite have shown their commitment to promoting fresh design to ensure noteworthy talent doesn’t go unnoticed. When two leading design institutions collaborate to showcase what they regard as inspirational work instinctively you expect to see an interesting collection. And, the 2014 selection does not disappoint.


Dossofiorito is a design collaboration started in Verona in the autumn of 2012 by Livia Rossi  and Gianluca Giabardo. It is located in an old car workshop, where Livia and Gianluca carry out their design experiments with a very hands-on approach. 


‘The Phytophiler’ is a series of hand-thrown terracotta pots on which functional appendices such as magnifying glasses and mirrors are installed, offering a completely different perspective on the houseplant.







18_Phytophiler_Dossofiorito_Ph_Omar_Nadalini copy


Tsukasa Goto

Tsukasa Goto was born in Tokyo and moved to Italy in 2004. Here he started collaborating with many well-known design studios and acclaimed artist and in 2011 he won the “Cristalplant Design Contest + MdF” award. His work, the ‘Geographical e Agricultural fruit bowls’, embodies the idea that people imagine many things enlarging and reducing reality. So we then realise that people do not think about things but imagine things. It is from these imaginings that humans create things. And so ‘Geographical’ represents the mountain that holds an incredible number of substances for life.

agricultural.Tsukasa Goto

Above: ‘Geographical e Agricultural fruit bowls’

Tania da Cruz

Tania da Cruz was born in Portugal, grew up in Belgium, studied in the Netherlands, where she also worked for Marcel Wanders’ studio in Amsterdam, and finally landed in Milan where she now works as a free-lance designer. Her work is called ‘Playmobilia’ and consists of a series of 3 stools inspired by fun hairstyles of the well-known toys for children. Objects, with cheeky character, that embody an aesthetic philosophy capable of creating harmony in a contemporary environment.

PLAYMOBILIA by Tania da Cruz 05

Above: ‘Playmobilia’ stools by Tania da Cruz

Arturo Erbsman

Arturo Erbsman is a French designer who draws inspiration from his travels to faraway places and from closely observing natural phenomena of everyday life. His work reflects different points of intersection between manufactured objects and the four elements of nature. Just like in the ‘Water Lamps’, handmade lamps that show the delicacy of distinct aspects of water that can turn into ice, snow, stalactites, condensation and vapour.


‘Atmos’ is an atmospheric lamp that uses condensation of water to diffuse light.


Above: ‘Clepsydra’ is a time measuring lamp

Each designer chosen from a wide variety of countries, adds their own cultural spin on the products exhibited. All equally determined to enter the world of design and turn it into their profession. La Rinascente offers a platform to show their creations and provides the exhibitors the opportunity to establish a name for themselves: from 9 October to 25 December the Design Supermarket will house the works of the top 7 designers among the 650 under-35 designers and the numerous schools of design that participated in the SaloneSatellite 2014 as part of the Salone del Mobile.

All works are available for sale at the most prestigious store in Milan, a design reference point; that attracts 25,000 people, mostly international visitors.

Design, Innovation & Craftsmanship” is the theme that has inspired this year’s works. Materials are worked following traditional techniques as well as using more modern processes, such as digital manufacturing, in a constant and productive dialogue between industrial manufacturing and craftsmanship.


The show runs until the 25th December.


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