Fifth Avenue Sofa by Dima Loginoff


The Fifth Avenue Sofa is designed by Russian designer Dima Loginoff for Italian Furniture Company, Artex

Inspired by New York, this sofa clearly has urbanity at its core. Inspired by geometry and lightness, the design is a combination of elementary shapes and lines.


The negative space around the sofa reminds us of the city skyline with areas blocked out by the tall buildings, or in this case, the sofa.


The soft grey, concrete-like fabric which shrouds the apparently suspended forms only enhances the urban – almost industrial – appeal of the design.


The Fifth Avenue Sofa won the design prize for interior objects awarded by the International Festival of Architecture and Interior Design in Moscow earlier this year. Loginoff has previously created tile collections for Vita, for which he won the Red Dot product design award in 2012.

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