Gauge Vase by Rokos Design


The Gauge vase by Rokos lets you know when your plant needs watering. The mysterious bobbing of this single-stem vase is almost hypnotic to watch, once you have got over the initial impulse to catch it from falling.


The perfect symmetry of the design is what makes the vase balance, but by adding a flower you create imbalance that leads to the rolling effect.Gauge_Cut_out_ crop

Counter intuitively, this round based vase is less likely to break than a normal vase, despite the thin glass : “as thin as possible” is noted on the designer’s technical drawing. If Gauge is knocked it will simply dip before retuning to the upright position.


Rokos creates playful and functional objects that combine an element of performance in their design. The 13° 60° 104° Wine Decanter for example, appears to get tipsy as the wine is drunk from it.


One Response to “Gauge Vase by Rokos Design”

  1. Mrida Joshi May 15, 2013 at 7:07 am #

    Hey Jim it’s beautiful! Hope we get to c some on the shelves in India! I’m starting to clear a table for it 🙂
    Congratulations, fantastic design.